Mrs. Zaputil's Weekly News

What's happening in 3rd grade?


I can't not tell you how much I've enjoyed these first two days with this wonderful class. They all have been trying their very best, and I appreciate their enthusiasm for school! Yesterday was a beautiful first day, but today we've been stuck indoors for recess because of the rain, however students haven't seemed to mind their first chance with indoor recesses. It's a little humid in our classroom with twenty bodies, but fortunately the cool temperatures outside and our fans are helping to keep us comfortable.

Friday Mail Envelope

Mail will come home every Friday with your student. Please take time to look through their mail and then send the envelope back to school on Monday. You do not need to sign the front.

Wonders ELA Curriculum

Next week will be our first full week of school, so we plan to start our Wonders (English Language Arts- ELA) curriculum which students had last year, with the exception of new students. There is a new spelling list for each new week of Wonders curriculum. You can find the link to our spelling words on our website. Or, you can click here for a direct link.

Look for Unit 1 Week 1.

Every week there's also a reading assessment that accompanies the week's reading instruction. These tests will be administered on chromebooks, but the first week, students will take the test using paper/pencil. Then, our plan is to have students enter their answers online after they finish the test for practice.

If your child would like to get a jump start on what's to come for ELA this week, you may click on this link Wonders Unit 1 Week 1.


On Monday, we will begin Chapter 1: Getting Ready- Addition and Subtraction Concepts. Our math curriculum starts out with a review chapter from what students have been introduced to in second grade. Therefore, it may seem pretty easy to many, but it's important to review because the more we practice the better we get. The quicker and more comfortable students feel about addition and subtraction facts, they more confident they'll feel moving into multiplication and division this winter.

What's ahead this week:

  • 1.1 Fact Families
  • 1.2 Missing Addends
  • 1.3 Addition Properties- order, identity, grouping
  • 1.4 Two-digit Addition
  • 1.5 Two-digit Subtraction

Book Orders Due Friday, September 4th

Your child is bringing home book orders today. It is completely optional to purchase books through Scholastic Reading Club. If you choose to place an order, you can:

  1. Send the completed order form back with your child's name and a check.
  2. Or, you can order online by going to and using our classroom code J3PHT.

Classroom Wish List

If you missed our classroom wish list when you visited our classroom at Back to School Night, there's a copy in your folder from that night, and it's also located on our classroom website here for you to view. Some things have already been crossed off our list because a sticky note was taken at Back to School Night. If you find something on the list you'd like to donate, please let me know and I'll cross it off the list! There are a wide variety of items that can be used in our classroom! Thank you for considering!

School Pictures

Smith Studio will be taking school pictures this year! She plans to split Elementary pictures up over two days. K-2 pictures will be taken on Tuesday, September 15th and the 3-5 (our's) will be taken on Wednesday, September 16th.

Dates to Remember

Please remember every Wednesday, students are dismissed at 2:00. All other days we dismiss at 3:10.

  • Thursday, September 3rd: Fall Testing (substitute)
  • Friday, September 4th: Book Orders Due
  • Monday, September 7th: Labor Day- No School
  • Monday, September 14th: K.I.D.S Group Meeting 6:30pm (Elementary Library)
  • Wednesday, September 16th: 3rd-5th Grade School Pictures


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