True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


About Charlotte

Charlotte Doyle is..... Or should I say was a 13 year old girl who always wore a pretty bonnet, a full skirt, high button shoes, and white gloves. Her parents thought that she looked like an ordinary girl to their standards.

Her Start

Charlotte was going to go to a proper school that only teaches kids how to act like a young lady or a young man. In order to get to this school she has to go across the ocean on a huge ship. Her parents can't come though because they have work. There is going to be another two families with girls that are her age that will be coming on the boat with Charlotte. Or not! The two families both got sick! Now Charlotte has to go on the boat for 3 weeks with a bunch of creepy old men! Luckily Captain Jaggery is a proper old man.

On The Ship

Once Charlotte got onto the ship she was very scared because all of the men gave her dirty looks and some other guy told her that she doesn't belong on the ship. She didn't feel safe. Later when Charlotte needed her chest of clothes she went down to the cellar to get it. While she was down there the candle mysteriously went out and Charlette saw what looked like a SKULL!!!

Why You Should Read This Book

You should read this book because it teaches people how to not judge others by how they look. Charlotte once loved Captain Jaggery, but now, he is dead. At first the whole crew hated Charlotte, and now, everyone loves her and she was chosen to be the captain of the ship.