A World Worth Saving

Will M.

Golden-Crowned Flying Fox


PHYLUM: Chordata

CLASS: Mammal

ORDER: Chiroptera
FAMILY: Pteropodidae

Scientific Name: Acerodon jubatus
Population: 10,000-20,000

Native to the Philippines

Its diet consists of papaya, figs, and leaves.

The Golden-Crowned Flying Fox helps with pollination. After it eats the figs, it drops the seeds as it flies.

Its endangered because it is hunted to be eaten as "pulutan", which is any snack eaten while consuming alcohol.



PHYLUM: Tracheophyta

CLASS: Magnoliopsida

ORDER: Fabales

FAMILY: Leguminosae

Scientific Name: Acacia koaia

Occupies less than 20,000 sq. km.

Native to Hawaii

It is vulnerable due to pigs, feral goats, deer, and invasive alien plants.

The Koai'a is a tree in the pea family. Its wood was once used to make tools. Its leaves are used to make a tea, that is used to "wash diseased skin".