Seesaw Basics

Creating Assignments that Students can Copy & Edit

Use Seesaw for Editable Assignments

In Seesaw you can create distribute work to students that they can copy and edit to show their learning.

This type of assignment would be great for graphic organizers that help students think through content, for organizing research notes, or for allowing students to record reading fluency practice or sight word work.

By designating work to specific folders, students could also go back and review their personal progress and reflect on improvements. For example, if you had students record a cold read of a short assignment and a hot read - they could hear their own improvements. The same could be true of sight word practice over an extended period of time. You could add a reflection piece to these types of assignments or just provide students with encouragement and feedback through comments.

To make this work, you'll need to set up your class settings to allow for Copy and Edit. It will also help to create folders for students.

Currently, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to add images for the Copy and Edit feature - you'll want to take pictures of work to use or create images by exporting designs in PowerPoint as JPEGs (look for the export tool and choose JPEG for file type, or in other versions of PowerPoint you may find it under Save As by changing the file type in the drop down box) or using a tool like Canva.

Manage Class Settings to Allow for Copy and Edit

Create Folders to help Organize Work

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