My True Colors

Josie Moore 1st

My color was a tie between Orange and Blue

You are not limited to one color. Everyone has personalities that can be in different groups. According to the quiz, I am enthusiastic, sympathetic, and personal from the Blue category and witty, charming, and spontaneous from the Orange category. The quiz was surprisingly not far off from these descriptions.

In my Childhood...

Orange- I needed involvement in the learning process and was motivated by my own competitive nature and sense of fun. I think that this is accurate because I am competitive and do not do well just sitting and doing work. I would prefer to make a game or reward myself.

Blue- I was extremely imaginative and found it difficult to fit into the structure of school life. I agree to half of this because growing up I had an awesome imagination, but I didn't have anymore trouble than anyone else "fitting in" at school.


Orange- I seek a relationship with shared activities and interest. I believe that it is super important to have common interest with a person you have a relationship with. If you don't like doing some of the same things, you aren't as compatible.

Blue- I seek harmonious relationships. Like I said, if you aren't compatible, the relationship will probably not last.

At Work...

Orange- I am bored and restless with jobs that are routine and structured. I can not stand doing the same thing everyday. I would feel like I would go insane if there is no freedom in my schedule.

Blue- I am adept at motivating and interacting with others. As long as it's not the same people everyday, speaking publicly would be cool sometimes.

Leadership Style...

Orange- Exerts quick action, works in the here and now, performance oriented. I am a performer so this description is pretty accurate.

Blue- Expects others to express point of view, assumes "family spirit', works to develop others' potential. This is less accurate than the first because if I am leading, I would like to be a little more strict than a "family spirit".

Symptoms of a Bad Day...

Orange- Rudeness and defiance and breaking rules intentionally. I'll be the first to admit that I get sassy when I'm mad.

Blue- Lying to save face, crying and depression. I think depression is a little extreme, but I do get sad.


The characteristics that describe me the most is enthusiastic, sympathetic, and optimistic.

some characteristics that are not like me is impulsive, bold, and flexible.

I think that the best job for me would be a veterinarian because I am so passionate about animals(which goes with the blue color). It would be so nice to be able to take care of them. However, there are a lot of sad responsibilities that go with it. Also the paper work could be a bit overwhelming sometimes (which would contradict my orange color personality). I think seeing all the happy families with their pets would make me feel better though.