Bernardo de Galvez

"America's Spanish Savior"


Bernardo de Galvez was a huge help to the Americas during the American Revolution. He lead campaigns against the British and was very successful. However theres more to dear Bernardo's Story.

Personal Backround/Early Days.

Bernardo de Galvez was born on July 23, 1746, in Machaviaya, Spain. Galvez grew up poor even though the Galvez family was Spanish Royalty.
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Historical Backround.

Galvez was involved in more than just war. In 1777, Galvez was elected governor of a Spanish Provence. Also, despite his Spanish Heritage, he was still very vigilant on helping the Americans.

Historical Role/Importance.

Galvez bought Spanish supplies for the Americans. "Over two years, Galvez would lead thousands of Spanish soldiers and ships against the British...". "Enduring hurricanes, disease, and difficult swampy terrain he lead his soldiers and forced the British to divert".
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Well if you count military as political then yes he was quite involved in politics, and again he was the governor of a Spanish Provence in 1777.


In the end, Galvez was known as a war hero. He was a huge help to the Americans, giving them supplies, and leading a small army to victory. Dear Bernardo died on November 30th, 1786, of an illness. He was 40 when he died.


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