Fun Facts About My Birthday

Griffin Heisner

Loretta Young

Loretta Young (January 6, 1913 – August 12, 2000) was an American actress. Starting as a child actress, she had a long and varied career in film from 1917 to 1953. She won the 1948 best actress Academy Award for her role in the 1947 filmThe Farmers Daughter, and received an Oscar nomination for her role in Come to the Stable, in 1949. Young moved to the relatively new medium of television, where she had a dramatic Anthology series, The Loretta Young Show, from 1953 to 1961. The series earned three Emmy Awards, and reran successfully on daytime TV and later in syndication. In the 1980's Young returned to the small screen and won a Golden Globe in Christmas Eve in 1989. Young, a devout Roman Catholic, worked with various Catholic charities after her acting career. And died on August 12 2001, My Birthday

The Top Songs of the year I was Born

Breathe-- Faith Hill
Smooth-- Santana
Maria Maria-- Santana
I Wanna Know-- Joe
Everything You Want-- Vertical Horizon
Say My Name-- Destiny's Child
I Knew I Loved You-- Savage Garden
Amazed-- Lonestar
Bent-- Matchbox 20
He Wasn't Man Enough-- Toni Braxton

The president when I was born

During the administration of William Jefferson Clinton, the U.S. enjoyed more peace and economic well being than at any time in its history. He was the first Democratic president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second term. He could point to the lowest unemployment rate in modern times, the lowest inflation in 30 years, the highest home ownership in the country's history, dropping crime rates in many places, and reduced welfare rolls. He proposed the first balanced budget in decades and achieved a budget surplus. As part of a plan to celebrate the millennium in 2000, Clinton called for a great national initiative to end racial discrimination.

The days of how old I am

I am 4,624 days old

What day of the week I was born

I was born on a Saturday

Famous people that were born on my birthday

Thomas Bewick 1753
Abbott Thayer 1849
Christy Mathewson 1880
Cecil B. DeMille 1881
Cantinflas 1911
Mario Moreno 1911
Jane Wyatt 1912
Michael Kidd 1919
Majorie Reynolds 1921
Joe Jones 1926
John Derek 1926
Porter Wagoner 1927
Mstislav Rostropovich 1927
Buck Owens 1929
William Goldman 1931
Parnelli Jones 1933
Larry Ziegler 1939
George Hamilton 1939
Jennifer Warren 1941
Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) 1949
Kid Creole 1950
Pat Metheny 1954
Sam J. Jones 1954
Danny Shirley (Confederate Railroad) 1956
Suzanne Vega 1959
Roy Hay (Culture Club) 1961
Sir Mix-A-Lot 1963
Peter Krause 1965
Pete Sampras 1971
Casey Affleck 1975
Bill Uechi (Save Ferris) 1975
Dominique Swain 1980