SIG Overlake Update

Teaching Students, Not Curriculum!

Week 2

Dear Families,

It's amazing that we're already at the end of week 2. And what a fun and productive week it has been!

The students have all been hard at work and enjoying their courses. Here are some of the highlights of the academics days:

Our young spies have been performing surveillance around campus. Our curious chemists have been conducting experiments. Our storm chasers have given reports about tornadoes and hurricanes, while our planetary scientists have discovered fun facts, such as who discovered the Milky Way. Our budding mechanics have built catapults for water balloons and our debaters have pondered how to use strong evidence in their arguments. Our athletes have improved a variety of skills, such as soccer kicks and basketball shots, in addition to learning the value of sportsmanship. We even have stars in the making, preparing to entertain audiences with their own creative works, while our talented artists are using line and value to design masterpieces.

We are so proud of the work our SIG students have completed in their second week! We are already looking forward to their final projects.

Photos were taken this week and we'll have printed copies to give everyone with their certificates at the Closing Ceremonies.

Thanks for a great week and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday!

Things to Note

Closing Ceremonies

Please join us on the last day of class (Friday, July 18th) from 4:30 to 5:30pm in the Campus Center for our presentation of certificates and plaques as well as a chance to view student projects at the end.

The Campus Center is located directly across form the entrance to the SIG building. If you are walking from the parking lot toward the flag pole it is to the left.

Back Gate

We apologize that the back gate was not open on Monday morning. It should be open on time throughout the remainder of camp. Please let us know if it is not so we can talk with the school.

Also please remember that the back gate is one way. You may enter through it, but please exit through the front entrance. Thanks!

Lost and Found

Here are some items that were in the Lost and Found Box at the end of this week.

Fire Drill

Today we had a fire drill. We evacuated the building calmly, with everyone accounted for, in under a minute. Thanks to the faculty, staff, and students for taking safety seriously.

Instructor and Program Assistant Appreciation Day

Instructor and Program Assistant Appreciation Day: Wednesday, July 16th

Be sure to thank your Program Assistants and Instructors for all of their enthusiasm and hard work during our SIG program this year. :)

Guest Speakers

We've had some wonderful guest speakers visit our classes. It's a great opportunity for our students to hear from professionals in the field. Here's a picture of one of our guest speakers with the class.

Guess Who?

Jeannie Dinning- Instructor- Speaking/Writing/Empowering!, Get Theatrical!

Jeannie has been teaching theater, English, speech and reading in Illinois for 11 years. Before that she was an actor in plays and renaissance festivals, and an acting coach for young actors. She also worked in radio and the music industry. This is her first year at SIG and she is thrilled to be here!

Jennifer Johnson- Instructor

Jennifer has been an educator for over 25 years. She is passionate about providing both rigor and support for the students in her care. Even at six years of age, she knew that her passion was teaching others. She has taught in both public and private schools in the area and recently returned from teaching in the Middle East.

She has taught a variety of levels P-8th grade and tutored students through the high school level. She has worked as a regular classroom teacher; self contained gifted teacher, ESL specialist, gifted specialist, and a Math and Literacy teacher. She earned her BA from Washington State University, in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in Reading Instruction. She earned her M-ED from Seattle University, specializing in Curriculum & Instruction in Gifted Education. Her specialty areas are in literacy and mathematical development at the elementary level. She excels at creating rigorous, multidimensional project- based learning experiences for her advanced students.

She is an avid science fiction reader, writes poetry and enjoys yoga, hiking and skiing in her spare time. Her future plans include enrolling in the brain research/certificate program at the University of Washington and more international teaching experiences.


'The complexity of things - the things within things - just seems to be endless. I mean nothing is easy, nothing is simple."

- Alice Munro