Horizons at Westminster

Week Six

What a summer it has been!

From June through the end of July, what an incredible six weeks! Horizons Families-thank you for your partnership! The students have had a great time; in fact, the comment I often hear at lunch and on the bus is "why can't Horizons run all summer?" The credit for producing such a wonderful experience for the Horizons students goes to each and every one of the Horizons staff, the Horizons families and the incredible support from the greater Horizons community. Thank you for all that you do!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, stay safe, and have a great start to the school year. We’ll be in touch about Saturday Academies and we can’t wait to have all the Horizons students back for summer 2022!

First Grade

Our first graders have completed their first six weeks at Horizons and are already sharing their excitement for next year. We have spent our final week together wrapping up some themes that guided our work this summer and reminisced about our experiences. We sat in the planetarium looking at the planets and stars, planted our germinated seeds into pots, and made some other crafts. Some of our favorite activities this week included making our tie dye shirts, and painting our rocks to leave around Westminster. This summer may be coming to an end but the memories we have created will last a lifetime!

Second Grade

Week six has been fantastic! It is hard to believe that our summer is coming to an end. This week we have practiced multiplication in math and continued to practice our reading skills. We have worked on telling the important parts of the story and discussed how characters have changed throughout the story. We have experimented with using rubber band propulsion to fly objects. We finished up our week with a concert and doing some artwork. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer!

Third Grade

What an amazing six weeks of summer! Third graders spent their final week at Horizons finding missing addends using multiplication and division, finishing a creative writing piece, making play-doh, and preparing their own pitcher of lemonade to enjoy during lunch. This has been an incredible summer of hands-on learning, lots of laughter and team building. Through soccer and kickball, students have stepped up as team players and displayed great sportsmanship. They are already talking about teaching others how to play the games when they get back to school in the fall!

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders are ending their 6 weeks at Horizons with a smile on their face! This week has been full of hands-on STEAM activities like making silly putty, slime & building wind powered cars! We have also been reviewing some important math and reading skills through bingo and jeopardy games this week to wrap up our week! Fourth graders have been working hard at rehearsal for their performances and can’t wait to showcase their talents! We will end our week together making friendship bracelets for each other and reflecting on the many special memories made this summer!