Dr. Laavanya Rajesh

Tonsil Removal Surgery

Tonsil removal surgery or Tonsillectomy is the surgery that is preformed as a result of tonsillitis and removes all of the tonsil gland. This surgery was first preformed by 1st century AD Cornelius Celsius on a man with damaged tonsils.Tonsillectomy can effect the digestive system with difficulty swallowing and the respiratory system with irregular breathing patterns. Without this surgery there may be irregular breathing patterns and a possibility of death.

Spleen Removal Surgery

The spleen is an organ that helps the body fight off infections. This surgery removes a diseased or damaged spleen. Andrano Zaccarello first preformed this surgery in 1549 on a young women with and enlarged spleen. This procedure was preformed so that you can fight off infections and have a stable and working spleen. The disease Thalassemia which is the inherited disease of faulty synthesis of hemoglobin, can result on related terms to spleen removal surgery. Body systems that would be effected by this surgery would be the immune system, meaning you will be more likely to fight off diseases, and you skeletal system which plays a vital parts in the lymphatic system. Side effects of the lack of this surgery is the lack off immunity (not being able to fight of diseases) and possible death.

Intracapsular Tonsillectomy

This the surgery to remove 90% to 95% of the tonsil tissue while still leaving the tonsil intact. Intracapsular tonsillectomy was first preformed by Cornelius Celsius in Rome and had someone else preform it to him. This surgery is preformed so that the sore/damaged tonsil can be partially removed. Intracapsular tonsillectomy is preformed as a result of Tonsilitis, a disease that results in enlarged tonsils that create difficultly in normal breathing patterns. This surgery effects the digestive system, because you can't eat with a swelled throat and the respiratory system, because you can't breathe with a swell throat. The lack of this surgery will result in irregular breathing patterns and death.


Thymecotmy is the surgery thatremove the ill or damaged thymus. This surgery was premormed in 1912 for a patient with Myasthenia Gravis. Myasthenina Gravis which is a cancer to the thymus gland (thymoma.) This surgery wiht effect the respiratory system with difficulty breathing adn the digestive system with difficulty swallowing. If this procedure wasn't preformed the cancerous cells would spread throughout the body and would most likely result in death.