A Christmas Carol

The title of the book is A Christmas Carol and the author is Charles Dickens. You should see this play because it would be a great experience. First I would see this because they have great actors and they also have children in the scenes. The actors had really great singing voices. Second I would see this play for the amazing sound affects like lightning and fog. Like when the ghost appears. Finally I would see the play for costumes and all the different props. Also to see how everything has to be moved for the next scene. Like when Scrooge changed into his night clothes. In conclusion I liked the play better than the book.
Scrooge had to sacrifice money. I thought that because he didn't want to give his money away. He didn't want to give it away because he was losing money for no purpose. I had to sacrifice baseball when I was little. It was a sacrifice because I was good at the sport but I wanted to try something new