shoudn't have cell phones in school

by: savanna carr

shouldn't have cell phones be in schools

The student need to keep their cell phones at home and not bring cell phones in school because we need to use cell phones in school for inportant stuff only like calling for no after school Program because when you dont call you family menbers how would they know you are home or not home because your parents can call the police or call your school and see if their student is at school or the school can say no their student is not their and their parent student szn text their mom or other family menber and said i am at my friends house hanging out with them.

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students should learn in school

Student need to laern in school no texting in classrooms because the sstudents can distracts other students because when you not listen to your teacher and you are on you cell phone the teacher can take your cell phone away and give to the agent prinple and call you parents and tell them what happen and can get grounded for a week or so.
Should schools allow students to bring mobile phones?

students need to text

student need to text not learn in school because students are more into their technology because student need to have cell phones in school.