Eating The Same Kind Of Food Daily!

Guadalupe Mendoza and Karla Gabriela

Background Information:

Normally, a person eats the same food once to twice per week. Eating the same kind of food all the days might help a person, depending of what type of food. If a person eats the same food like junk food, he or she might collapse or die because of the miss of nutrients. If a person eats healthy food every day, such as fruits and vegetables, he or she can be a healthy person, but he or she would also miss in his or her body proteins.


If a person eats the same kind of food, he or she can get tired of within one or two weeks.


Two person eats the same food all the days while another person eats different type of food all the days to know for how many days can someone eat the same type of food.


For only two weeks one of the two persons ate the same food. The other one ate only the same food for 1 week.


Depending of the person, he or she can eat the same amount of food for different time.