Big Bo is Back

By: Anthony Hall

Shining Bright

On November 30, 1962, a gleaming star was born. Vincent Edward Jackson was only raised by his mother, as one of the youngest of six children. He was born in Bessemer, Alabama. Everyone there just called him Bo, Bo Jackson. Now does that name ring a bell?

Starting Up

Bo Jackson started his sensational career in 1986 as a Kansas City Royal. He stayed with the Royals his whole entire baseball career. Jackson started his football career in 1986 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and stoped with them in 1987. Bo Jackson then became an L.A. Raider. He went on to have an astonishing career.

Baseball Beast

Bo Jackson was best at baseball. He only played football for amusement. He worked a lot harder at baseball. Bo batted a .250 avg., he slammed 141 homers, and he had 215 RBI s. Plus, baseball was his first passion. Either way, he was a phenomenal player of both sports.

It's All About the Fame

Bo Jackson wasn’t just famous because of his 141 home runs and 2,782 yards, but it was the way that he played. He played like a furious beast on the field, yet again he was a hysterical joker off the field. Yes, his homers and yards helped him out, but not majorly. In the end, he will be well known forever.

A Team Player

Bo Jackson was a thrilling teammate. He can go from a joker to a furious beast. Before a play or at bat he would taunt the other team. Jackson loved to joke around until game time. All of the laughing turned to grunting. Anytime, anywhere, I would take him as a teammate.

Bye Bo

The amazing Bo Jackson ended both careers in 1989 due to injury. He had a severe hip injury. Bo was so good he made it to the Hall of Fame. Bo Jackson will always be known as one of the best sport greats in history.