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How do we design daily learning intentions, in which the cognitive demands (i.e. DOK levels) in teacher instruction/modeling align with student proving behaviors that lead to TRANSFER?

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Daily Learning Intentions...It makes the difference

  • Daily Learning Intentions..

What - is the standard or skill (not worksheet, not test, not book)

Why - is this relevant, why is this important (transfer)?

How - students demonstration of the standard/learning

  • We can move learning to TRANSFER BY........

    • Making the WHY more clear to students (real world reasons, not “to make my teacher proud” or “to make my brain smart.”)

    • Pushing students explain the WHY in their thinking...make them argue their ideas

    • Becoming more calibrated in planned level of rigor between classes

    • Use resources from MyPD to extend student thinking?

    • Connecting learning to other situations to build transferable knowledge

    • Analyzing, discuss, debate misconceptions

    • Planning high leverage tasks that allow for discourse and struggle

    • Creating purposeful groupings of students to tackle high leverage tasks

    • Continuing to push students thinking through questioning or having students create, analyze, synthesize (as individuals, partners or teams)

    • Creating more classroom opportunities for debates (i.e. classroom courtroom)

In December 2018, we are still working on the work for end of year SUCCESS!!

December 5 - MEET in Library


Grade Level Analysis of Writing Task (25 min)

DOK Analysis of Writing Task (25 min)


December 12 - Rm - 27 (Elementary ONLY)


ST Math/Jiji - Implementation from OCIPD office (ES)

December 12 - RM 24 (Middle School ONLY)

15 Minutes - Online Platform expectations & 45 Minutes - Survey Data Review (MS) - RM 20

December 19 - Library


Supporting the AA child w/Dr. Brown

Culture and Climate.....Where are We???

Attendance %'s:

Month Three - 96%

Month Four - 96.96

Concerns - Middle School Ditching, Lowest Attendance grades TK, K & 1

Highest Attendance Grades: 6, 7 & 8

In December we will do a "DOUGH Not" be absent in CAMPAIGN CHALLENGE***

Encourage your students to be in school everyday for a Donut and a Cookie.

Suspensions Entries

Month 3 - 16 Students & Month 4 - 7 Students

Concerns - Physical Threat to others

Did you know...Student Achievement is in "SEASON"?

Unit 2 Math Achievement Results:

K - 90% (online)

1 - 95% (online)

2 - 88%

3 - 56% up 14% from Unit 1

7 - 27%

7ACC - 52%

Unit 1 ELA Achievement Results:


5 - 82%

STOIC....Consistency in Expectations

Your STOIC Tip of the Week:

When walking with your students through common areas, please supervise the line from the rear. At this point in the year, students should have an understanding of where to Stop and Wait. This procedure provides a safer transition for all students. When entering the classroom, please have students stop at the door so you may move into a position where you can supervise the students entering the classroom and who are still in li

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OMG....It's going to be fun for both staff and students


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