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August 19, 2022

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SMS Family Check-In Form

Communication is important to us at Superior Middle School. We need community and family input to better our work here at SMS. Please use this Form to "Check-In" with us!

Principal Update

SMS families:

I wanted to share some changes to how Superior Middle School will be operating this year. As I stated in our first newsletter, the first days of school will be a staggered start with 7th and 8th graders only coming to school on September 1st and 6th graders only coming to school on September 2nd. During those first days of school, staff and administrators will be going over Work, Respect, Belong Expectations in all areas of the building.

There are changes this year that I want to make families and students aware of. They include expectations around lockers, backpacks and purses, laptops and cell phones. These changes will also be covered during Work, Respect, Belong tours at school.


All students will be provided with a lock and locker and will be expected to place all bags including backpacks, purses, etc in student lockers. There will be no backpacks and purses allowed in classrooms or hallways between 7:55 AM and 3:06 PM.


Each student will receive a laptop during the second week of school. Students new to SMS will also receive a laptop bag. Laptops are to be placed in the school issued laptop bags and these are the only “bags” allowed in classrooms or hallways. Current students who already received a laptop bag will be required to bring those to school once they receive laptops. Classroom teachers will work with 7th and 8th grade students who no longer have their bags.


Another change that I want to make families and students aware of is our cell phone/personal device expectations. Students in grades K-8 will no longer be able to use cell phones/personal devices etc during the school day and they must be stored in their locker during school hours. Each school's main office is set up to fully communicate with every student should they need to be reached in case of emergency.

Below are the expectations for the 2022-23 school year for students at Superior Middle School as well as what parents/guardians can expect if a student violates this expectation.

“Away for the Day”

  • Cell phones and all mobile devices/smart watches shall be kept in a student’s locker at the start of school/1st hour (7:55) and remain in lockers until the final bell (3:06).

  • Cell phones and all mobile devices/smart watches are not allowed to be used in a classroom, library, or restrooms/locker rooms.

  • Cell phones and all mobile devices can be turned back on at the end of school bell and used to communicate directly with parents/friends who are assisting in transportation.

  • If a student needs to make an emergency call during the day, they are to come up to the office. Parents needing to reach their child during the school hours will need to call the school office 715-394-8740 to relay a message to your child.

Violations of the Cell Phone Policy will follow the student code of conduct:

  • Students who have a phone out during 7:55-3:06 will be asked to leave the phone in the office and the student may pick their phone after the final bell. The student will receive a Minor Referral.

  • Students who violate the expectation a 2nd time will be asked to leave the phone in the office and their parent/guardian will need to pick it up after the final bell. The student will receive a Major Referral.

  • Students who violate a third time or more, the student will be asked to leave the phone in the office and their parent/guardian will need to pick it up after the final bell. The student will receive a Major Referral and a parent meeting will be held to discuss the Cell Phone Expectation and to create a plan for student success.

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District Newsletter

Click for the District's Back to School Newsletter which includes school supply lists, conference dates, attendance information, and more.


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**2022/23 Officers**

Sarah James - President

Sarah Bergquist - Vice President

Michele Conlan - Secretary

Anne Porter - Treasurer

Food Service

There will be some changes coming in the new school year. Breakfast and dinner at SMS will continue to be free for all students, but lunch will be paid. We encourage all families to apply for free and reduced lunch. Even if you are not eligible, your application helps our school. You can easily add funds into your student's lunch account through My School Bucks. Click the button below for more information from our district food service including daily menus.

Speak Up Speak Out

Students, parents, school staff and community members can submit a school safety concern by downloading the SUSO app (Android and iOS), visiting or by calling 1-800-MY-SUSO-1. Resource Center staff work around-the-clock to respond to reports and to deploy a response locally by communicating directly with school administrators, law enforcement and counselors. This tip line is used to identify threats to schools, and other daily safety concerns students encounter, such as bullying, drug use, suicidal thoughts and more. This resource will be reviewed again this fall with staff, students, and families to ensure it continues to be utilized.
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District Employment Opportunities

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Superior Middle School

Principal - Aaron Lieberz, Ext 31114

6th Grade Assistant Principal - Mary Anderson-Petroske, Ext 30127

6th Grade Counselor - Amy Warring, Ext 30126

7th Grade Assistant Principal - Carrie Thompson, Ext 30226

7th Grade Counselor - Claire Illies, Ext 30227

8th Grade Assistant Principal - Katie Britton, Ext 30326

8th Grade Counselor - Maryann Bonneville, Ext 30327

Dean of Student - Jon Reker, Ext 30321

Dean of Students - Elisha Hebert-Johnson, Ext 31125

School Psychologist - Dawn O'Handley, Ext 31115

School Social Worker - Marah Evans, Ext 31129

School Nurse - Jennifer Marsh, Ext 31117