Feral Cat

by alex.r

What is a Feral Cat

A feral cat is a trained cat that has been abandoned and left in the wild, It has no experience with humans, It looks like a normal cat but it's not.there are about 70 million feral feral cats in the streets of Cronulla.


The life span of a feral cat is 17 years of age at the most,the normal size of a feral cat is 23 cm to 24 cm 3.6 to 4.5 kg in weight it eats smaller mammals such as rabbits mice and many many more they have caused extinction a year. they are a danger to animals and humans.

Impact on Animals

Feral Cats threatens 100 native species in Australia a day. they have killed some species of birds.They spend most of there time living in safety in other animals burrows and habitats.

They kill 20 million animals yearly.

Impact on Humans

They carry infectious diseases that humans can get such as

Feline leukemia is a disease that spreads from going to the toilet and spit,

Immunodeficiency virus a disease spread from bites,

Kidney disease from Feral Cats eating poisonous things.

How, Why and Where they were Introduced

The European settlers brought the Feral Cat to Australia as pets in 1849 and to control over population of house mice and rabbits. They are found all over Australia in woodlands and forests. Feral Cats are the same species as the domestic cat, but they have no owner.
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looks can be deceiving