Monday Talk

March 9, 2015


**Glad that Pam Brady is back with us and wishing her quick healing.

**Please continue to lift up Dawn Priest’s mother and Darlene Newton’s brother

(Please email me if there is any celebrations or sharing that needs to be added to our Monday Talks…..if I miss anything please let me know……thanks)

Women's History Month

Lady Eagles Have Confidence and Vision


**Faith Benedict......Faith made all state orchestra this weekend under the leadership of Mrs. Hannah Mebane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Fiddlers' Committee......everything is falling into place....AWESOME WORK!!!!!!


March 9: District Wide PD (Mandatory Workday) Union Pines High School

March 10-13 Sprit Week!!!!!!!!!!!

******Participating Adults Just Have to Sport Jeans during Spirit Week!!!!!!!!!!

March 10: Dr. Bob Visit

D. Pope @ Region 4 Principal Meeting

March 12 & 13: D. Pope @ DLP_DL in Chapel Hill

March 12: Blue & White Game w/ PEP Rally 1:00-2:20

March 14: Fiddlers' Convention 4:00

March 16: Faculty Mtg. 2:45

March 18: Grade 5 Field Trip NC Education Symphony

March 19: Grade 1 Field Trip First Health

March 19 & March 20: D. Pope @NASA Raleigh

March 20: Bridge Competition

March 23: Tech PD 2:45

March 25: School Improvement Visit

March 26: Math Tip Night 6:00 Grades K-8

March 30: Faculty Meeting 2:45

March 31: Grade 8 Field Trip Sandhills Community College

End of 3rd Grading Period

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Math Tip Night Grades K-8

Math Tip Night will be held on March 26th at 6:00pm. Thank You Laura Carter for being the Chief Designer for this night of Math Information for our Parents. Laura will be in contact soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tech Tip Night

Grade K-8 Tech Tip Night will be held on April 21, at 6:00pm. We will be designing this technology informational night for our parents so that they are informed about tech initiatives that students use in our school. If you would like to be on the designing committee for this shoot me an e-mail :)
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Classroom Banner Competition!!!!!!

**March 10-March 13 Spirit Week

*Tuesday: Spirited Hair the Eagle Way

*Wednesday: Wear Hats with Spirit

*Thursday: Highfalls Spirit and Blue & White Game (Banner Winner Announced)

*Friday: College Spirit Day

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PBIS Coming Soon

PBIS will be coming soon to Highfalls in Full Swing thanks to our very own PBIS team. Craig, Christy, Dawn, Heidi, Jenna, and Michelle have begun a journey of Designing a Positive Behavior Support way of life at Highfalls that will compliment Our Leadership Vision for Students, Teachers, Staff, and Community. Be ready for More To Come....As you can see from their PD pics they are a top notch team!!!!!!
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Note from Susan Paschal about 80th Annual Fiddler's Convention

Saturday, March 14th, 3pm

1504 North Moore Road

Robbins, NC

Highfalls 80th Fiddlers’ Convention

March 14, 2015

Feel free to recruit parents or older students to help. Do not switch jobs unless it is cleared through Mrs. Pope.

Registration- (Chairman) Susan Paschal, Laura Carter, Sarah Holden, Christy Parsons, and Linda Caviness (Meet at 2:30 in the NMHS cafeteria/student union) Registration will be from 3-5 PM

* Forms

* Pens and Pencils

* Wristbands with numbers

HF Singing Group- Hannah Mohr, Heidi Brown, (K-2 Teachers, You will be working with your students from approximately 3:30, when they arrive, until they perform at 3:45-4:00. Please work with your other assigned area to work around this time.)

Admissions/Doors- Emily Brady/Lynn Dunn (Co-Chairman), Angela Brady, Brooke Adkins, Jeanne Maness, Darlene Newton, and Chelsea Watson

  • Tables/Desks for these areas w/ chairs. From NM? or HF?

* Wristbands (break wristbands in advance)

* Money boxes

* Trashcans

Concession Stand- Craig Perry (Co-Chairman), Karen Henley, Laurie Davis, Jenna Carter, Matt Wilkins, Hollie Hendrick, Tamara McNeill, as needed or a floater

* Nachos and cheese

* Popcorn (using NM’s machine)

* Drinks

* List of supplies due by Mid-Feb.

  • Coolers for Drinks… how do we normally keep these cold?

Backstage- Heidi Brown (Chairman), Jamie Brown, (Jenny Comer & Melissa Cox 3:00 – 8:00 shift) Michelle Bennett – 8:00 – until shift

  • SMALL Number Peg Board (Has anyone seen the small peg board that we used in the past? It’s a small vertical bulletin board/peg board on a stand. If it’s being used in a classroom, I’d just need to borrow it for that day.)
  • Heidi’s Files and Supply Box (Heidi will bring this.)

Hotdog Sales- (Chairman) Pam Brady, Jan Marley, Carolyn Lambert, Stacy Rillo

2 tables and 4 chairs

* One person will need to take the money

* Help with BBQ and Hot Dogs

Donated Items Table- Traci Maness (Chairman) Laura Brown, Meredith Pfeifer, Kelly Priest

Table w/ 4 chairs

* Send letters home for donations

* Wrap and plates, forks

Raffle Ticket/ FC Shirt’s Table - Dawn Priest, (Michelle Bennett - until Intermission then come back stage)

Table w/ 2 chairs

  • Poster w/ prices listed for t-shirts and raffle tickets.

(Heidi will make a poster to display behind this table. She will also display a shirt behind this station on the wall or on a stand.)

* Raffle Tickets / All remaining t-shirts

* Pens and Pencils

Tabulation- Derrick Cockman, Hannah Mohr

Laptops – Judges Sheets when completed, Pencils, pens, paper.

* Scoring sheet

* pencils/pens

Set up - Cooking Hotdogs Craig Perry, Dyan Pope, Keith Pope, April Lee, Keith Lee, Michelle Scott, Derrick Scott, Todd Moore or he can be a floater

(Ask permission to use the cooker at NMHS. Char Coal, Lighters, Hot dogs, hotdog buns, foil, and coolers. The hot dogs can be cooked, placed in buns, then wrapped in plastic and foil then placed into coolers to keep them warm until serving.)

  • tongs
  • paper towels
  • bottles of water for cleaning grill
  • green scrubbing cloths
  • grill scrapper
  • char coal
  • lighter
  • hotdogs
  • hotdog buns
  • coolers x 3?
  • table for hotdog assembly

All supplies, condiments, tables, chairs, non-perishable items need to be assembled in the auditorium then taken over to NMHS the morning of the FC.

Perishable items need to be stored in the refrigerator at school then taken over the day of the FC. The BBQ needs to be in the refrigerator not the freezer. It needs to be thawed before the day of.

Donated items need to be assembled and brought over the day of the FC. We really need to remind our parents about donating baked items and biscuits for the Donated Items table.

Clean-up- Dot Stamatopoulos, Dyan Pope, Kenny Hussey, Brenda Hussey

Do we take our own brooms and mop buckets, and mops, etc. or do we use NMHS’s?

Trash bags?

Accounting Kim Williams and Marcia Hendrick

Table and two chairs

Publicity- Susan Paschal

Programs/Ads- PTA (secure sponsors)

Heidi will provide a list to be read by EMCEE

Judges - Betsy Evers, Hannah Mohr

* Need to be secured by January

Everyone is expected to attend and participate at the Fiddlers’ Convention.

We encourage school-aged children of teachers to help out at the Fiddlers’ Convention but please have younger children cared for by others when you are working your shift.

Daily Expectations for Soaring to Excellence

Alignment to Standards


Differentiated Instruction

Posted and Aligned "I Can Statements"

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WOW.....Let the count down to Fiddlers' Convention Begin! Has it been a year already? I know that the 80th is going to be just as Awesome as last years and That Was AWESOME:) As we head into the business of the week focus must remain on learning targets for our students. It is exciting to know that our children are growing everyday. As cumulative interims approach and elective teachers begin the ASW process it is evident that we are in the short rows of the school year. The students at Highfalls have the potential and they have the instructional leadership to be the best in MCS as well as in NC. Stay the course with driving instruction based on current data with rigor and relevance. Every child....Every Day....With Whatever It Takes shouts the dedication and awesomeness of the educational values and traditions of Highfalls. Highfalls Is Marching Forward Because of All Of You!!!!!! Enjoy Spirit Week, Make Memories, Model School Spirit, and Fill Their Heads with Knowledge :)

WooHoo.......Soaring2Excellence Always!!!!!