Finance and Legalities 1415

September Edition

*Greetings From Devils *

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Hey FLers, How are you??

12 days count down for Q3!

Yup, we going to move on to Q4 in less than two weeks!!!

Three months of your VP/Director journey already passed and...............

Here is the Update for August =)

August update


IC output: Finance Strategy

During IC journey, I have a lot of input and realization about our role and finance strategy.

I reflect and realize we do not have a finance strategy as one entity to drive this organisation. We are not so strong yet as financial controller to support decision making and growth of this organisation.

So, there are few main changes will happen soon, which is Financial Model and Pricing Model. Financial Model that able maximize finance resources of MC and LC, and Pricing Model that make us sustain.

*Stay tuned for more update from me*

Finance Decision Reminder

  • iGIP Ra

Corporate finalizing their budget at October, so it is final sprint for iGIP Raise !!!!

Allocate fund for sales campaign in your LC and some provide incentive to top seller.

  • iGIP Ma

Our matching process is too slow while we have a lot of EP is interest in Malaysia.

Allocate some fund for iGIP team to do international calling to make the process faster. Email and skype is too slow. =)

  • oGCDP winter peak Ra

Newbies is in Campus and Global Match Peak is October, we need make oGCDP has strong presence in your campus !!

Allocate fund make your Global Citizen Program info session Big and Attractive !!

Connect with your university's MarComm and make Global Citizen Program presence everywhere in campus.

  • Talent Capacity

Since all operation peak is coming soon, we need our member has the capacity to handle this. Talent is the most important assets for us.

Ready practical task for our members , invest in LLDS by subsidizing them or provide a great conference experience to them.


Budget template and review session

We just have the check on the template and recently MC done the finalise budget template in AM1415 MC + LC Finance tracker.

* Some of you receive call from us and you know why we did that =P*

Budget review criteria is briefly explained.

Team Structure

Thank you for the hard work from Team structure development team.

Team structure session done and each tier has the structure and JD for each role.


Foundation build up

Research more on Quickbook accounting software and getting more information from each LC for bookeeping

*For those VP who have not approach her yet, Do response to her!!!

Working on Podio for trying a better tracking and data information management for FL operation

Thank you

Thank you for your effort to make all this happen!

If you have not fully update / complete your task for August highlight, approach MC!!!!

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*September Highlight*

Take a deep breath to see what we going to do next!

Talent Capacity - Member Education Cycle

Functional Syllabus and timeline (Thing should be cover in member training) regarding to member education cycle.


21/9/2014 Sunday (10am, 2pm )

22/9/2014Monday (after 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm)

Duration: One hour and Thirty minutes

Platform: WizIQ / Adobe Connect

*choose one of the slot


Collaboration with other AIESEC Entity, in progress of getting the program and working on the session delivery

Participation in this program is COMPULSORY

Time: to be update by Patricia *attention to Patricia mail people =D

MC Focus

Talent Capacity -

Functional Syllabus , Finance TLP Functional Training, Travel Cost Sharing

Process Optimisation -

[iGIP] Access Possibility Collaborate with Visa Agency

Customer Centric -

[iGIP] Diversification of Product - iGIP Pricing Review

[oGCDP] Internal Raising Pricing

GIS +Customer Flow

GIS and new customer flow will be one of the main changes happen after IC. GIS will launch at 22nd October and we will say goodbye to You can refer to wiki or your LCP/LCVP MarComm about the changes.

For FL perspective, there will be changes in pricing flow and tracking of revenue. I will update you soon after the SOP is developed.

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Let's work together !!