Weekly SLC

By Sam McCormick - May Issue Week 4

Message from Managers

Please be careful in the building as there have been a number of accidents where people have slipped on wet floor near the toilets, please beware of signs placed to advise you of this.

Minimising risks at work

Please take review all these points to ensure your up to date with safety in work.

  • If lifting heavy items always half the load and ask for support if needed.
  • Please ensure any liquids spills are reported to managers straight away.
  • Please ensure risk assessments are up to date.
  • Please make sure any potential risks are reported to your manager.

Company Waste

Please keep all waste to a minimum, this is to help the company become more Eco-Friendly, can waste that isn't sensitive please place in the new recycling bins provided.

How can you Help SLC become more Eco-Friendly?

There are several main causes of waste within the company, Lights, Computers and paper.

  • Lights - we have invested in new sensors in many rooms that automatically switch lights off when there not in use.
  • Computers - Many Employees leave their Computers on over night, as of the 1st of March all employees are required to switch off computers at the end of shift.
  • Paper - The company has invested in new recycling bins for waste that is not sensitive, please could all employees start using these.

How Can i Minimise Waste at SLC?

You can all help reduce waste here at SLC, as above everyone will now be recycling waste paper which we can reuse as paper again! You can also make sure all computers not in use are switched off - not on standby.

When copying documents make sure you don't print excessive amounts as this wastes ink and paper.

Why Recycle?

Recycling has many benefits, everyone should be doing it, the main reasons are:

  • We are Saving the Earth
  • Saving Energy
  • Helps reduce Global Warming and Pollution
  • Helps save money where we can invest in other areas of the company.