Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

by Armando Aguilar Rocha

Sir Daniel Fahrenheit

Although his last name might give away what Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit created, there is more than what you might think he invented. Fahrenheit first studied business but then was fascinated by scientific instruments, which caused him to become an instrument maker.

His Invention

Before Fahrenheit's model, there were Thermoscopes. These models used alcohol. These models didn’t accurately measure the temperature but rather the pressure of the air with the use of different colored weights in the tube. His model however, used mercury instead of Alcohol. This was influenced by the works of Danish astronomer Olaus Roemer. His first successful thermometers were completed in 1714. The thermometer markings went from 0 to 212. He wanted to keep his methods a secret until making his methods known to the public some 18 years later. Along with his thermometers he discovered that 32 degrees was the freezing point and 212 degrees the boiling point of water.