8-pool party

Can you play pool?

If the answer is yes, then why don’t you come and show us what you can do on a pool table. If on the other hand you have never played, well, it’s the perfect opportunity to try!

The idea is to all get together for a drink.

AED 8-pool Party

Tuesday, Sep. 25th 2012 at 8-10pm

21 Rue de Rieux



The AED offers the first hour of play to all its members (which will cost 3€ per person for 2 hours).


Please register with the doodle link: http://www.doodle.com/dvkg8urs8msw7gsq

Not a member of AED?

If you are not a member of the AED yet, it is possible to subscribe to the association on the spot. It won’t be a waste: you’ll definitely benefit from it with all future projects ;)

We are AED

AED stands for Association des Etudiants Doctorants de l'Ecole Centrale de Nantes.