Exhibition Reflections

BY: Vibha.R

I am working in a group with Sophia and Mia. They have also created flyers - PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT!!! To see their flyers, click on the links below...

Week 1 (19/4/15)

Week 2 (26/4/15)

This week was a good and fun week. I am really happy with my group members. It was a little hard with our mentor. Our mentor is Mrs.Whaley. She is a grade 1 class teacher and is busy most of the time. Then finally we got to meet her and fix our meeting timings with her. Today was the grade 5 swimming gala and sadly we missed our first mentor meeting! We had a lot of jobs to do but we got most of it done on time!!

Week 2 (7/5/15)

Week 2 was the week where we started getting the hang of things. For my group it was better than week 1 as we got most of the basic things done. Unfortunately we missed our first mentor meeting. But when we finally have our first meeting we will have more work done.

Week 3 (Lines of Inquiry)

This week i learnt some new things while researching my lines of inquiry. I learnt a lot about obesity. The most population of obese people are americans. That is what my group is trying to prevent, OBESITY. We are planning our action now and have planned it with our mentor as we rescheduled our missed one and had the other one!!