Room 604 Newsletter

January 12, 2016

I'm Spoiled!

I am very grateful for all of your thoughtful notes, baked goodies, and classroom supplies/gift certificates. It is nice to know we are well stocked through the end of the year. Thank you for the donations of time and materials to make the holiday party fun for the kids. You are all so generous!

I hope you all had amazing time spent with family and friends over the last few weeks. I have enjoyed it to the fullest! I am looking forward to getting back on a schedule though.

Classroom Objectives

Language Arts

We will begin a new language arts program that I will use intermittently for the rest of the year. It will encompass spelling, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and word parts.

Students will be back to the routine on Monday. They will be expected to have a novel in class for the Daily 5 rotation. Students will also be working on their goals for Lexia.

We are going to begin a workbook focusing on the 7 Habits. It's a great place to begin the new year with an opportunity to really reflect on what they know, how they are implementing what they know, and how they can improve on their leadership skills.

Our next genre for writing is narrative. I will be teaching the format this week. Although kids will be given a topic, this is usually their favorite type if writing because they get to be more flexible and creative.


Students will review key skills in adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions. I'm sure some of their previous knowledge escaped over the break. We will move to division, and finish up the trimester with district testing at the end of the month.

We were provided with a workbook this year. We are at a point where students will be completing pages in it now. I will have students pull out and staple pages that will go back and forth between school and home.


Students will be in pairs working on a slides show for an element this week. The assignment will be available in Google Classroom once I introduce the project on Tuesday.

Social Studies

We did not accomplish completing our colony brochures. I didn't want to stress anyone out right before the break, and I also didn't want work that wasn't good, quality, presentable material. I collected their work, and told them we would revisit the brochures this week. Students will resume this project, and it will be ready for group presentations on Friday, 1/15.