K-12 iPad Integration

Module Assessment 1 - Lynnette

Show Your Understanding

I have an iPad Air. Some of the features on my iPad include; the lightening connector used for charging. This is newer than the 30prong connector used in older generations of the iPad. Also, I have a retina display screen measuring 9.7 inches. The camera feature on this device is located on both the front and the back!

The side switch on my iPad has a dual purpose. It can either lock my screen so it doesn't change when I move my iPad, or mute my device. At the present time I have it set up to mute my device. I chose this option because, with my son wakes up easily and I don't want a notification to wake him up. I do see myself using the switch in both capacities in the future.


One of the first apps I chose to download is the Pinterest app. I use this app for school and in my personal life. I loving to jump on and explore the different ideas presented on this site. Living in a small town like Ekalaka, I don't have a real chance to collaborate with other teachers at my grade level. So I use it as a tool of collaboration and inspiration.

I am looking forward to finding more apps that are education based that I could share with my students. For now i went with what I knew, but look forward to suggestions on new apps to use and explore.

I Think I Got It! 😀

The functions on my iPad that made the most sense to me, were the ones that are similar to functions on my other mobile devices. Downloading an app, connecting to the Internet, taking pictures, volume control, and even the home key I had done before. I also have a Kindle Fire and a smart phone that has helped prepare me for the iPad.

One of the things I learned about my new iPad is the switch on the side of the device. I really like the idea of being able to mute the sound on short notice. Sometimes on my other devices I will have the volume turned up and then be in a different setting the next time I have sound. It is then a race to get the sound turned down. I also appreciate an easy way to lock the rotation of the screen. If a student is working on the iPad and gets easily distracted, I find that the lock will be beneficial to help keep them on task.


So far I feel as though I have a good understanding of my iPad. The information provided has been beneficial in getting to know my new tool. I feel as thought I am a hands on learner. I have a feeling that as I go things won't make sense to me and I will need to ask questions. For right now though, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp.

One question I do have, is about my keyboard. When I bought my iPad, I also bought a case. The case came with a keyboard to make typing easier. The keyboard that I have has an on/off switch and a connect button. I have charged it, turned it on, and hit connect so far, but haven't had any success getting it to connect and work with my iPad. Once I use this process the keyboard flashes a blue light above the letters BK. Is there a special method or a cord that I need to make this work for me? Also, what does the BK stand for?

My Life

After reviewing the material presented in this first module, I feel I will be able to apply all of it to my classroom. I know that in my current class, as well as, future classes I will find students who have not had access to an iPad previously or any other mobile device with similar functions. I will now be able to give them instructions on the basics of using the iPad. I really appreciated the instructional videos that went along with the information provided. These videos would be great to connect to the visual learner and picture thinking students!

New and Improved

The biggest thing that I learned in this module was about the switch on the side of the device. I had played with my iPad just a little before this course began, and had figured out the I could mute the sound. Now I know that it can also lock the screen rotation.

Pros and Cons


  • Size... I feel that using an iPad with my students will be great. It is not big and bulky so it can be easily shared. It also will fit on the students desk to provide individualized instruction that won't be as big of a distraction as a regular computer.
  • Versatility... Currently I do not have any classroom iPads. It will be nice for me to use my iPad at home, as well as, take it to class for my students to use. I like that the student will be able to type, read, interact, and view videos on the iPad.

  • The major con for now would be that the students would be using my personal iPad. This means if something happens to it, I will be out of luck. Also, there will only be my one iPad available for use. This could cause an issue of providing equal time and experience on the one device.
  • Typing. Using the iPad the students will most likely use the portrait orientation of the device. This provides a smaller keyboard for typing. The students will not be able to put their fingers on home row and type in the proper manner. Students will go back to one or two finger pecking at the letters.
  • Limited connection ability. I would love to be able to connect my iPad to my promethean board for whole class discussion and work. The iPad does not have the proper hardware to connect to my board.