Tech Resources for Years K-6

Laptops and iPads

Apps and Websites for literacy and numeracy

These resources have been prepared to assist with the embedding of technology into your English and Maths programs. All resources are suitable for individual and small group activities. Many are ideal for use on the IWB for either introducing concepts and ideas or in group collaboration activities.

Literacy group links

100 Word Challenge

A weekly challenge that involves students writing and commenting on the work of others. Writing prompts can be words, phrases or images. Could be done as a whole class collaborative activity or a literacy group activity. Great preparation for NAPLAN.

BlogED - writing, reading and commenting on blog posts develops writing skills and an appreciation of writing

Poetry Engine Ideas Machine

The Poetry Idea Engine is a simple, interactive tool that helps students create four types of poems; haiku, limerick, cinquain, and free verse. To create poem on Poetry Idea Engine students select one of the four formats. If they pick one of the first three format students will be given a short explanation of the pattern before completing the template to create their poems.


Explore the Wonder of the Day and all the archived wonders. Students can create their own wonder.

Maths group links Numeration for K-2

Maths activities - all strands – aligned to the new NSW Maths Syllabus K-6

Interactive Maths activities aligned to the new NSW Maths Syllabus K-6

Interactive activities great for IWB and independent work. K-6

Maths games and activities for Years 3-6

iPad activities

We currently have apps on our iPads that are suitable for all these literacy tasks.