Summer Reading Edition!

MGES Literacy Coach Newsletter May-June 2015

As we get ready to head into summer, we often get requests for sites that have reading related activities and summer reading lists. In our "heading into summer" newsletter, you will find:

  • Information about and ways to prevent summer reading regression
  • Links to sites with summer reading activities
  • Links to a wide variety of summer reading lists
  • Fun videos about reading and libraries based on familiar songs that might be fun to share in class

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As always, any Morris Grove staff member who completes the one question survey linked in the newsletter will be entered into our drawing. For our final drawing, the winner will have the choice of a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble, Flyleaf Books or Target.

Summer Reading and the Achievement Gap

Reading researcher Richard Allington has some eye-opening and sobering information regarding the "summer slide" and its connection to the achievement gap.

In an article from School Library Journal Allington said, "What we know is that any child who fails to read during the summer break will lose some reading proficiency. We also know that children from low-income families routinely lose two to three months of reading proficiency every summer while middle-class children gain about a month. This creates a three to four month gap every summer. From grade one to nine children from low-income families lose two or more years of reading proficiency, during the summers when school is not in session. According to Alexander and Entwisle this means that more than 80 percent of the rich/poor reading gap accumulates during the summers. They also note that children from low-income families gain as much reading growth during the school year, when schools are open, as middle-class children."

Arresting the "Summer Slide!"

Richard Allington's research provides compelling evidence that children who are able to choose books to take home for the summer can avoid the "summer slide!" He stated, "Our study demonstrated that distributing self-selected books for summer reading improved reading achievement as much as attending summer school! Ending summer setback over a three-year period improved reading achievement by roughly a half year between grades 1 and 4, the grades we studied (Coalition for Evidence Based Policy, 2011)." You can read more about his work here.

We are fortunate to have several programs at Morris Grove that provide children with books for the summer who might not otherwise have them! It may also be helpful to provide families with information on how to access the Chapel Hill Public Library System over the summer.

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Summer Reading Activities

Read it Maybe (NYSRA 2012) - Call Me Maybe Parody

Summer Reading Lists

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