Ms. Jessyca's Grade 2 Bliss

Notes from b5

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Dear Families,

What a wonderful and magical evening the Holiday Concert provided for us all. It was so nice to see you all and the children dressed so lovely. This week has been slightly consumed with rehearsals and preparations for this event, but we did manage to squeeze in some really great learning activity and community building!

Next week is such a special one-with our holiday party and vacation starting! On Monday please be sure your child brings in their homemade holiday gift for our Secret Exchange. PLEASE HAVE THIS GIFT WRAPPED AND LABELED ONLY WITH THE TO: AND NOT FROM: AS STATED IN THE HANDOUT. Thank you! On Tuesday we will have spacial visitors to share on migration with our class!!! Our class will also have a special PJ day on Wednesday where we will watch the Polar Express with hot cocoa and later in the day build a class gingerbread house (thanks for all the yummy donations). On Thursday we will have a few holiday activities for the kids and then at 2pm we will begin to our holiday party, where parents as always are invited! On Friday we will attend the PK concert if space allows and after a special holiday Magic School Bus we will dismiss at noon. Thank you again for all the support, donations and help!

Next week our class will focus heavily on concepts of culture and realities of migration. We will tie in culture into our holiday crafting as well as discuss roles of host and migrants. We will also be reflecting on our reading strategy use and setting goals for the new year. In writing we are individually working on pieces (narratives usually) each at different places in the writing process. In math we are beginning a new unit; Stickers, Numbers Strings and Story Problems. This is an opportunity to solidify number sense as well as sharpen mental math abilities and strength reflective math practices like double checking and estimating to solve.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a GREAT weekend!
Ms. Jessyca


Reflection from the Class

December 12th 2014

Dear Families,

We had an awesome a week. We need just two more compliments to earn another compliment party!!! The concert was super-duper good!

In reading this week we read silently as well as during Daily 5. We are continuing to improve our stamina by reading silently after lunch. We have been using RAZ KIDS a lot more at home recently.

In writing this week we are working on narratives in writers’ workshop. We are also writing throughout the day during Daily 5 as well as when we are doing PYP activities. This week we all made cards for our special teachers and staff at school.

For our UOI, we have been in centers learning about culture. We are studying Migration and have made suitcases and passports so we can migrate to new places. We discuss what culture means. We are each researching about a country and its culture.

In math, we are solving complex word problems in our POD books. We are exploring and learning more about numbers during calendar time and in centers. We are working on mental math strategies using flashcards as well as learning how to check our work using calculators.

We are excited for our holiday party and vacation next week!

With Lots of Love,

Ms. Jessyca's second grade

When asked: "How can I help create a more Peaceful World?"

Students individually responded with:

Isa said "I will not fight just because I wanted something."

Assanali replied with "I can try to not fight and instead make a solution to end conflict."

Joseph exclaimed "I could inform people of ways to be peaceful."

Franco said "I will not start fights with other people or myself."

Jeronimo replied with "I can stay peaceful with yoga."

Teo responded "I could chant OM!" (this is Ms. Jessyca's favorite response!!)

Izzy shared "I will be silent and I could do lots of yoga."

Sarey proclaimed "I will tell people to be calm and kind."

Maya replied "I could help keep peace with people."

Jesus said "I could not worry about my things so much if they start a fight."

Martina responded "I could help people keep calm and peaceful."

Matteo exclaimed "I could be more hopeful."

Patrick shared "I will not try to fight in different places."