A 2015 Remembrance

Sports and Entertainment Marketing - Brendan Wilkins

Top 3 Companies of 2015

Best & Worst Products of 2015


1) iPhone 6s

2) Apple Watch


1) Hoverboard

2) Tao Chair (Chair that displays calories burned)

Top Movies of 2015

Top Music Artists of 2015

Drake: Drake is one of the best music marketers of this day and age. He constantly makes appearances at basketball games, with other celebrities, in Toronto etc... and he has become an icon that people actually want to market. He makes very catchy music that is continuously played on the radio and he creates a lot of hype behind each of his albums.

Adele: Adele continues to rise as an artist creating a lot of popularity within her genre of music. Her songs were also continuously played on the radio and she has generated tons of #1 Hits. Many people find they can relate to her lyrics and her music is so beautifully done that the lyrics become catchy and remembered.

Number 5: The Curry Crossover & 3-Pointer vs. LAC

Stephen Curry Razzles and Dazzles!

Number 4: Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary to beat Detroit

HD: Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary to Richard Rodgers for the Miracle win Over Detroit lions!

Number 3: Carli Lloyd mid-field goal in the World Cup Final

WINNER - Women's World Cup BEST GOAL: Carli Lloyd (USA v. Japan)

Number 2: Miami's 8-Lateral Kick Return to beat Duke

Miami's 8-Lateral Miracle Kickoff Return Touchdown To Beat Duke (HD)

Number 1: The Francis Ownsu Catch

Francis Owusu - Stanford WR Makes Catch of the 2015 College Football Season

2016 New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvement: Work out 2-4 times a week and find exercises that I can manage to do @ home.

Family and Friends: Go visit my relatives out of state more regularly and spend more time with family.

School & Other World: End the year with A/B average, raise my GPA, and go to NOVA or a trade school and get some kind of work experience.