Welcome to Stella & Dot


Congratulations!! And welcome to the Stella & Dot Sisterhood!

My name is Carmen Shera I am a Star Director in Perth Ontario, and the leader for the Rockin Stella & Dot Stylists team (which you are now a part of ;)

I just wanted to reach out to you to introduce and welcome you to the team and give you a few tips on how to ROCK your Jump Start and get started strong!.

I have been with Stella & Dot for almost 7 years now, and it was the best decision that I have ever made! I remember looking at Stella & Dot online and loving so may pieces that I signed up right away to get the discount.... Then my friends kept asking me "Where are you getting all of this awesome jewelry?" My reply......Why not have a party and get it for free??? And guess what!?!? They did!! And I was making an average $250-$300 a night! (drinking wine, having fun and styling women) Then I decided it was more fun with a friend.... So I started sponsoring and the rest is history!

I have 2 young boys aged 9 and 11 and they keep me busy with all of their energy, as well as a hockey star in his future.. I am able to balance this all with Stella & Dot, I work around my kids schedule and life and this is one of the perks of the job!

Stella & Dot has changed my life for the better and I am loving every minute of it! I cannot wait for you to enjoy it as well.

We have an amazing team with Directors, Gina Lolli, Lisa Ortlieb, Carrie Shannon, Sarah Millar, Allison Plunkett And Michelle Featherstone.

They all ready to help you!

"Our absolute favorite part our job is helping other women see the potential in this business....and helping them achieve their goals whatever they might be."

You are lucky because you have joined a fun and amazing team filled with lots of great women.

You can get out of Stella & Dot whatever you want to put into it

Training: Is so important in starting your business, so plan to get with your sponsor within your first 7 days to get started....

This can be on the phone or in person. So you can learn how to maximize your jumpstart (first 60 days)

Plan on hosting a launch trunk show party to announce that you are a Stylist and invite everyone you know! You will be the hostess (and receive the hostess product credits) and the Stylist (receive the commissions $$$) to earn as much free jewelry as possible. Make sure to learn all about the Jumpstart program in Stella & Dot University in the back lounge. Start writing your who do you know list for potential hostesses, Stylists and guests! And start booking NOW!

(We have stylists that have earned well over $5,000 in free jewelry..... )

We recommend booking 4-6 shows in your first 4-6 weeks even if over the long term you are not planning on keeping that momentum.

This is great for three reasons:

1. We have figured out that it takes about 4 trunk shows to get comfortable doing them, for example your set up and take down time, becoming familiar with the look book, etc.

2. You will easily make your investment back and that is the name of the game...making money.. Right??

3. Trunk shows are where you book other trunk shows and meet potential stylists. Crucial for gaining momentum in your business.

4. Everything is more fun with a friend! Who can you think of, that would make a great Stylist? When you sponsor a new Stylist in your Jumpstart you will earn an extra $200 in Cash... as well as another $250 in product credits when you promote to an Associate Stylist! (how awesome this that)

How to connect on Facebook

Make sure to join our team facebook group which is also a great way to connect with other stylists.....

click on the link below....



And most important........What to order for samples!

For your 1st order I recommend ordering your favorites! These pieces are you what you going to wear now and love! And also promote your business! (best part is we wear what we sell) Then add on pieces to build your display. Here are a few suggestions for you:

Mix your display! Have some gold, silver and Rose gold pieces...the smaller pieces you have the bigger your display will look,

Here are the top sellers and my top picks for you to have in your display.. Remember the more you sell in your Jump Start the more free product credit you will earn :)

Getaway Bag
Ear jackets

Deja Vu studs
Illuminate cuff
Deco drop earrings

Sutton necklace

Renegade bracelet

Rebel Necklace

Aurora stud pack

Zoe Lariat

Ear Climbers

pair of sunglasses

Sparkle Studs

Hammered hoops

Gilded path bracelet in black

Celine bracelet

Stellar pave ring

Simple knot bracelet

Engravable bar necklace

Eternity necklace

Florian bracelet

Wisten feather earrings

Pave orbital ring

Yves wrap bracelet

Pave rectangle cuff

Fringe tassel earrings

Eliza fringe necklace

Your fav top

Carmen Shera: Leader, Mentor and Stylsit of the Rockin Stella & Dot Stylist team

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have!