Top 10 Coppell High School

Scott Simigian

Two Deaths of Coppell Students

The school was heartbroken in Fall 2012 as two seniors, Jacob Logan and Jonah Blackwell, passed away suddenly. Both leaders, the death of the young men were tragic, sending the school into shock. Through the loss, both school and community came together to mourn and celebrate the students' lives.

Jacob Logan was a captain on the football team, a prominent player with a bright future. His leadership earned him many friends, and a great reputation on and off the field. Unfortunately, Logan passed in a freak cliff-diving accident.

Jonah Blackwell participated in the Silver Spur program at CHS, a team of leaders who worked to support the football team during games. His funny and friendly personality won him much respect throughout his years as a student. Just days after Jacob Logan passed away, Jonah Blackwell took his own life, something nobody saw coming.

Jacob Logan Tribute

New CISD Bond Passes

Coppell Independent School District proposed a $79.5 Million bond that would make improvements to the district. A new elementary included, the bond would have adjustments on elementary, middle, a high school campuses. As election day May 11 came, the bond passed as Coppell residents voted.

The new bond proposed many new ideas. IPads would be given to each student at the high school, a new elementary school, and improved technology standards will be among the many things proposed in the bond. Lots of the items are for maintenance and repair, but environment for students is sure to improve.

As election day came, voters from Coppell decided whether or not to pass the bond. An increase in taxes, the bond would also boost home value, gaining the attention to homeowners. At the close of May 11, residents of Coppell voted to pass the bond.

Shattered Dreams

The Shattered Dreams program came to Coppell High School to show the consequences to drinking and driving. This mock scene comes to CHS every two years to present juniors and seniors with a realistic crash that could occur to anyone. The show had a huge impact on all students, teaching them a lesson they will never forget.

For juniors and seniors, the program showed a video, then, as students walked outside, they witnessed a realistic crash involving actors from their own school. This had a huge impact on everyone, seeing classmates pulled out of class by the "Grim Reaper". Even police officers, firemen and a helicopter came to make the scene all the more realistic.

For freshmen and sophomores, an assembly was held to speak about the consequences of drunk driving. A speaker came to give students tips and instruction on how to be a safe driver. Also, two Coppell moms gave their testimony of how their loved ones were lost to unsafe driving. This had a great effect on the students even without witnessing the crash.

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Volleyball wins 2nd straight at State

In the 2012-2013 volleyball season, the Cowgirls were off to a great start. As season turned to playoffs, the team came together to win a second state title in a row. In a state with tough competition, the girls found a way to get on the top of their game.

The girls had a tough road to the finals, and the championship would be no exception. The Cowgirls won their first two sets, but only for New Braunfels to gain two back. With two sets each, the teams went into a final set to determine the champion.

A set to only 15, Coppell found themselves behind by a point or two for most of the set. Then, the Cowgirls took the lead and went on a major streak to win the title. As a 2nd-straight championship was earned, teams know not to mess with Coppell's volleyball squad.

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Coppell Soccer Wins State Title

Under Head Coach, Chad Rakestraw, the boys soccer team won State in the 2012-2013 season. Their hard work through the playoffs earned them a place in the state tournament. Traveling all the way to Georgetown, Texas, the team won two more games to clench the championship.

The semifinal game was controlled, Coppell winning with most of the possession in the game. The team looked strong going up against a defense with an average height over 6 feet 2 inches. Coppell looked like the team to beat going into the state finals.

Against Brownsville Hanna, Coppell had the game of their lives. Coppell went up with two sound goals, but within five minutes Hanna struck back off of two free kicks, one being a penalty kick. In the end Chris Madden proved his skills to tie the game with three points with just over two minutes to play. Again in overtime, Madden scored to earn the trophy.

Ultimate Frisbee Wins State

A non-UIL sport, ultimate frisbee had Coppell players excited to join the sport. As students from all grades contributed to the team, their hard work paid off at the end of their season. Even though they do not get a period to play this sport, the students spent countless hours after school and on the weekend to play their game.

The sport combines the endurance of soccer, as well as the throwing of football and passing of basketball. It often takes a lot of energy out of the player, putting them in top shape. The game also has many ways to play based on preference, and also many ways to throw the frisbee other than the common flick.

Ultimate is played both intramural and as pick-up games. Unfortunately, the sport is not under UIL, so it does not get very much attention. Hopefully with the recent state championship, new respect and awareness of this sport will be made.

ultimate frisbee highlights and frog toss by baxter and jake

KCBY Hosts the Spring Film Festival

The school's broadcast station, KCBY, hosted the first annual Spring Film Festival. This competition included anyone from Coppell who wanted to share their love for movies. Participants made short films, only a few minutes long, and presented them.

Two catagories were made for judging- High School and Middle School- since those were the only teams that submitted videos. Participant were able to walk the red carpet and pose for a photo as if in a Hollywood premier. After this students went to the lecture hall for a screening of all the entries.

A team of real journalists joined to watch and critique each presentation before coming to a verdict. In the end, only one entry could win from each category. KCBY plans to continue this tradition in following years.

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Run for LIfe

The juniors in an English class created the 'Run for Life', a five kilometer run, in memory of Jonah Blackwell. The runs is to further suicide prevention and awareness so that this tragedy becomes less frequent in our community. The classmates simply do not want anyone else to die the same way their friend Jonah did.

The idea originally came from students while thinking of ideas for a project, but soon escalated into a major event. Their hard work has paid off that one day may save someone's life. Their ingenuity has helped them get a project done and aid the community at the same time.

This run was held on May 18 at Andy Brown Park. The awareness it brought was good, especially since it came from students who have felt this kind of tragedy. The run was very successful and the students' goal was achieved.

Organ Donation and Tournament

Students from a science class have teamed up with the Taylor's Gift Foundation and have decided to promote the upcoming 4-T Volleyball Tournament. The students found the impotance of organ donations during their body and health unit and decided to take it another step further.

The students made a 30 second video explaining the importance of organ donations and also created flyers to spread news for the tournament. This will benefit awareness for organ donation and also the Taylor's Gift Foundation. The students are helping to make a big difference that could end up saving someone's life.

The tournament will be held on June 1, in Plano and anyone is able to register. Also, the foundation supports for people to sign up to be an organ donor and they will provide much information about that. The tournament will help raise money for research.

Coppell High School Fights for Kamyrn

Daughter of the boys head soccer coach, Kamyrn Rakestraw was diagnosed with cancer when she was just one-year-old. Students and teachers from Coppell High School joined together to help out the Rakestraw family as they went through this tough time. Many different forms of fundraisers were conducted to raise money for Kamryn.

The biggest fundraiser was definitely the T-shirt sales. White shirts with the Coppell logo, and the words "Faith, Courage and Fight" on the back, all in pink. The shirts were a huge hit among students and teachers alike as they supported their friend and coach.

Money raised from the shirts were very helpful as Kamryn had to undergo chemotherapy and a countless number of scans and tests. After over a year, test show that Kamryn is cancer-free. The efforts from CHS brought everyone together to help this family in so many ways.