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JULY 31, 2020


Hello Glacier Bear Families;

Many families have asked “What’s the difference between Homeschool and Remote/ At-Home Learning?”

I want to explain the differences and why Remote/At Home Learning is a very valuable choice in this year’s schooling. Remote/At Home Learning allows you and your child to stay connected to Sherrod. It gives you a direct connection to a Sherrod teacher who will manage student studies with structured curriculum. This builds a positive teacher-student relationship, as well as maintains the 'school feeling' of a teacher guiding them through remote learning. Pressure is off of parents to be the instructor and evaluator.

In Homeschooling, parents act as a full-time instructor. I often hear from parents, “my child listens better to their teacher than to me”. This is not a reflection of your parenting but a normal reaction to a teacher asking a child to do school work verses their parent asking them. This can create a battle at home. There is no element of “turning off” the pressure of teaching assignments, robust planning, and assignment deadlines when parents are the instructor and caregiver simultaneously.

If you have chosen homeschool without realizing that it’s different from Remote/At-Home learning, please call Sherrod office at 761-4100. We would love to partner with you in your child’s learning this school year. Please consider staying with Sherrod through REMOTE/AT-HOME LEARNING!

Looking forward to seeing you, August 19, either in person or Remote!

Glacier Bear Strong!

Mrs. Cook

Sherrod Principal

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