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Welcome to Mrs. Blevins' Online News Broadcast!

Our classroom stresses the importance of working at one's full potential. The students are given opportunities to do their personal best during every activity. In order to determine your child's needs, continuous assessment takes place. All activities are designed so that every student in our classroom is working at a challenging and rewarding level. Throughout the school year, I promote working together to create an open teacher-parent-student communication relationship I feel it is in your child's best interest if we work together and stay in contact with one another in order for him/her to be successful! Feel free to navigate the Blevins Broadcast at your convenience where you will find classroom news, slideshows, upcoming events, our week at a glance, a note from the teacher, and other pertinent information.

Upcoming Events

2/23- 6th Grade Scheduling Meeting at FMS @9:00 a.m.

2/24- Early Dismissal @ 1:50 p.m.

2/29- Cat's Club!

3/7-3/11 - Hearing and Vision Screening

3/15- Mrs. Blevins' Birthday! :)

3/18- End of 3rd Marking Period

3/25- No School! (Good Friday)

3/28 & 3/29- Parent Teacher Conferences

Classroom Supplies!

Thank you to those who have donated the past couple weeks, but it's already gone! Mrs. Blevins is STILL in dire need of Kleenex, paper towel, Clorox wipes, and new colored pencils/markers! If you would be so kind to donate these items to our classroom, we would greatly appreciate it! Also, if your child brings in these items, they will be rewarded $5 Blevins Bucks per item! :)

6th Grade Promotion Committee Meeting

Our next parent promotion meeting is on March 7th at 6:30 in Central's Library. We would love to see our parents there to support our 6th grade promotion this year!
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6th Grade Promotion 2016

To begin preparing for your child's 6th Grade Promotion, each 6th grade family is being asked to find and send in photos detailing his/her life. to ensure that each 6th grade student is a part of the Memory Montage PowerPoint please email the pictures ASAP to Jennifer Ethington:
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Student-Led Conferences

We are performing Student-Led Conferences from Mrs. Blevins' room on Monday, March 28th, and Tuesday, March 29th. If you prefer one of the two days, please contact me in regards to letting me know when it's a good time to meet. I will be sending home a half sheet of paper (a week prior) informing all parents when their appointment will be.

What is Student-Led Conferencing?

Essentially, student-led conferencing is an ongoing process whereby the student assumes an active role in planning, implementing and conducting the parent conference. It is my belief that involving children in conferences is necessary if we expect them to be self-reflective and to assume ownership over their own learning. The goals of student-led conferences are simple: to increase self-confidence, to develop student leadership, and to put the ownership for learning where it belongs—with the student!

Talent Show was a success! We had so much fun! Thanks for showing your support!

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Our Week at a Glance


We started Topic 16. Ask your child if you're converting units from small to large, what operation do you perform? Next week, we will finish Topic 16 and take the test on Friday. Reminder: Your child is responsible for coming to me to ask to retake an assessment. Please continue to check your child's binder for grades. New portfolio sheets for MP3 were given to students to keep track of their grades. These binders can go home for parents to check.


We are almost Next week, we will continue to read ROTHMC. Students have completed discussion questions while focusing on literary elements in their ROTHMC packets. There will be a vocab quiz when we complete the book as well as a test.

Students have been also building stamina this week from independent reading at the end of the school day. Ask your child how many minutes we are up to now! With our stamina goal in mind, we are also continuing to pursue the 40 book challenge. Please ask your child how many books they read so far this year. i have been conferring one-on-one with them to make sure they are reading "Just Right Books" that pertain to their interests so they can reach their 40 book goal by the end of the year.

Reading Logs: Students received a February log. Please remind your child to read 20 minutes every day outside of school. Reading with your son or daughter is a great way to spend time to learn about their reading interests! Reading logs can be found on my website if your child misplaces theirs. There is a direct link below as well. February Reading Logs are due Tuesday, March 1st.


We have completed our research for our historical event. We also created timeline's and students presented their timeline in their groups on Friday. They went great! Grades were given on their rubrics they turned in at the time of their presentation. Next week, we will start drafting our Informational essay.

Social Studies

Students completed the Ch. 2, Sec. 5: Canada Today. Ask your child what acid rain is. Next week, we will be reviewing and preparing for the Ch. 2 Unit Test. Students will be given a study guide on Tuesday to help prepare. Please assist your child in reviewing vocabulary terms and their notes a little bit every night to help them prepare for the test.

Word Study

Today we took the "tract" = pull quiz. Next week, we will be studying the new Greek Root Word(s) "struct" = build. The word study lists can be found on my webpage under the Word STudy tab. Tests are every other Friday covering two root words.