Barry Wolverton Visits Zilker!

Author of Neversink and The Vanishing Island

Author Barry Wolverton visits 5th grade in the Zilker library

The author of Neversink and The Vanishing Island, Barry Wolverton, will visit with 5th grade in the Zilker Library and share his process for writing his books. He will also read aloud from his two novels and answer questions. We are looking forward to hosting him!

Pre-order forms were due on October 2nd to have your copy personalized by the author but books can still be purchased at the event. For questions, contact

The Vanishing Island (NEW! hardcover): $15.65

Neversink (paperback): $6.45

Barry Wolverton author visit with 5th Grade

Friday, Oct. 9th, 9-10am

1900 Bluebonnet Lane

Austin, TX

The author visit will be held in the Zilker library and Mr. Wolverton will sign copies of his two books afterwards.
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About Neversink

Along the Arctic Circle lies a small island called Neversink, home to a colony of odd-looking sea birds including one Lockley J. Puffin. With their oceanfront views and plentiful supply of fish, the auks have few concerns. But all of this is about to change. There is a famine and the king of the Owl Parliament has long had his scheming eyes on the small colony to the north. An insurgence of owls will inevitably destroy life as the auks know it--unless Lockley can do something about it.

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About The Vanishing Island

An engrossing fantasy, a high-seas adventure! A boy, enticed by the tales sailors have brought to his port town home, and inspired by the arcane maps his father creates as a cartographer, he is convinced that fame and fortune await him elsewhere. He meets a dying sailor who gives him a hidden message. Cracking the code could lead Bren to a fabled lost treasure that could change his life forever.