LIS Update 5/1/2019

'Lots o' Info...

Meeting FollowUp: Para Luncheon, TLA SpeedDating and HPL Website Link

Here is the information from Amy Owens about the Para Luncheon:

  • Date: May 29th
  • Location: Sweet Tomatoes at the Fountains
  • Time: 11:00 am
  • Cost: All You Can Eat Salad, Pasta, Potato and Soup Bar: $10.29 per person (includes drink - I have a coupon)

Notes from the TLA SpeedDating presentations are posted. Here is the link.

Make sure to create a link the to Alief HPL Learning Link website on your campus Library Website. Tracy and I will be checking this starting May 29th.

Budget / Collection Age / Collection Size

Many eyes are looking at our campus Budgets, Collection Ages and Collection Sizes with an emphasis on equity.

The 17-18 Snapshot has been closely looked at by many levels in the Accounting and Finance Departments. Campus book budgets have been looked at.

Now is an ideal time to weed those books that are just taking up space in your collection. Make sure you have the 18-19 Snapshot completely filled out as soon as possible.

Driving Volunteers Needed

Sharyl Renner will not be able to drive for about 4 weeks after getting her right knee replaced on June 10. Are you able to help drive her to Doctor appointments or physical therapy? Volunteer Here

Professional Development 5/18/19

There are two Professional Development sessions this month - Saturday 5/18/19. The am session is a Digital Resources Session and the pm session is a Twitter Session.

Both sessions count for Alief ISD Professional Development credit for the 2019-2020 PD year.

Destiny Need to Know: 3 Things

  1. Alicia created a tip sheet for batch deleting of Texas Treasures items. Here it is.
  2. Varsha (Petrosky aide) figured out a way to view your entire library catalog in Destiny. Here are the directions.
  3. I am working on a End of the Year Destiny Best Practices Guide. Once I have it complete I will share it.

SERS Items Checked Out

The folks at the SERS Department started checking out items in Destiny to their Special Education personnel. These SERS items will most likely show up on Destiny items out lists for Special Education staff members who float between campuses (Diagnosticians, Speech Pathologists, LSSP's).

For the most part, Librarians will be able to identify that these items are not campus based items because the items have the letters SERS at the beginning of the barcode.

The items with SERS barcodes will be returned to the SERS Department at the ASF.

Win a MakerSpace Prize!

All campuses who complete all monthly reports (September-May) by May 29th will be entered in the Monthly Report/MakerSpace drawing for a Cricut Explore Air2 or Snap Circuts Delux or K''nex Education Maker Kit.

TexQuest Updates

There are 3 TexQuests Updates that will be happening this summer:

  • Learn360 will fall under the TexQuest umbrella. (Supposedly we won't have to make any changes for this.)
  • Britannica eBooks will no longer be a part of TexQuest. (For campuses that have these eBooks in their collections, I will pull the records out during the summer.)
  • EBSCO will start requiring strong passwords July 1. (Don't know all the details on this yet but it will impact us.)

Library Vendor Fair

Our Library Vendor Fair will be August 5th from 10:30-11:30 with lunch then from 11:30-12:30.

At this point these vendors have been invited: ABDO, Barnes and Noble, Blue Willow, Bound to Stay Bound, Capstone, Follett, Gale/Thorndike, Garrett, Gumdrop, Indeco, Mackin, MakerMaven, Office Depot, PermaBound, Scholastic, SEBCO, Troxell, and WorldBook.

Present at TLA 2020

TLA 2020 is in Houston and TASL is looking for presentations and workshops that focus on excellence in school libraries.

If you are excited about sharing your expertise and experience with fellow librarians, please complete the conference program proposal form by May 24!

Gale eBook Discount

Looking to upgrade your print non-fiction collection? Kathy Tran from Gale has a deal for you. For every Gale print book that you own, she will sell you the updated eBook for a 50% discount. Her contact information is:

ELA Adoption - only applies to PreK-8th Grade

Many notes about the ELA Adoption: ---- please read carefully

First - The records for all Texas Treasures items that are in your library collections can be removed from the collection. These items can be given to teachers, students or sent to warehouse. The official state textbooks will need to be sent to warehouse as OOA (Out of Adoption) items.

Second - The amount of time allotted in the pacing guide for Language Arts, Reading and Writing has not changed with the adoption. Library time is not being eliminated. This has been communicated to the Language Arts Specialists and will be reiterated this week.

Third - There are Professional Development training's this summer about the adoption that are listed in Schoology if you want to know and see more about the adoption materials.

Fourth - Details on the actual adoption items...

In Elementary and Intermediate:

  • A title record for student and teacher textbooks will be created by Warehouse personnel in ESP.
  • There will not be title records created for the student consumables - there are multiple consumables per student.
  • There will be multiple boxes/tubs per teacher.
  • There will be one title record created by Warehouse personnel ESP for all the boxes.
  • This title record will list the contents that are in all the boxes.
  • It is advised that inventory sheets are placed inside each box listing the contents of the box and those inventory sheets are used for accounting purposes.
  • We are not to create individual records for the Language Arts adoption items in Destiny.
  • We are to let campus personnel utilize the system that has been created by Warehouse to track the items via ESP.
  • It is not known yet how many/if any tubs per teacher a campus will need to purchase.
  • HMH will send, sometime soon, a picture listing of what each grade level will be receiving.
  • Materials will arrive on campus "during the summer".

In Middle School (including AMS 6th grade):

  • A title record for student and teacher textbooks will be created by Warehouse personnel in ESP.
  • There will not be title records created for the student consumables - there are multiple consumables per student.
  • There are going to be multiple novels that come with the adoption (3 per student).
  • The novels have yet to be determined.
  • There will not be title records created for these novels by Warehouse and the Language Arts Department Coordinator said these will "probably not" be barcoded in Destiny. I will let you know if/when I hear differently.
  • Materials will arrive on campus "during the summer".

Big Changes Coming to Dual Language

From the SLE Department: "The SLE Department is proud to announce that beginning Fall 2019 the Early Exit Bilingual Model will phase-out. On March 19th the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the implementation of One Way Dual Language as the District Bilingual Program Model for all Bilingual students!

A conservative phase-in plan was approved beginning with PK and Kindergarten only for next year. An additional grade level will come on board each year thereafter. This allows us the opportunity to train teachers and leaders on program expectations focused on one grade level each summer.

The SLE Dept. is currently conducting a 2 hour informational session with each of the 18 Bilingual elementary campuses per the schedule attached. The audience includes Principals, APs, Specialists, Interventionists.

We invite you to participate based on your availability. You are also invited to attend our Fundamentals of OWDL training that will be offered this summer."