Ms. Odom's Classes McKinney High School 2015-16

Week December 5-11, 2015

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We are quickly ending the semester! We had our last summatives this week. Please check your student's grade for whether they need a retake. Deadline for any retakes is 12/11. Here's the link to sign up for a tutorial: http://goo.gl/forms/1gnRVXeZBk

Please encourage your student to take advantage of retake opportunities! Any summative may be retaken for a max 80 within 5 school days. I prepare individual tutorials using only questions missed on the student's summative. They correct those questions and the retake is ONLY on the questions missed. I've had some instances of students not doing better on the retakes so I'm asking students to give me at least one day to check their corrections and go over them with the students prior to the retake!

The final exam schedule is posted above. See individual classes for information on their final exams!

Contact Information:

Email: saodom@mckinneyisd.net

Direct Line: 469-302-5886

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Students are finishing up the Virtual Business Sports lessons and several have already begun their quest to become Sports Moguls! Students should be finished with the lessons 1-10 no later than 12/7 (there are 10 lessons). The Mogul will open on Monday, 12/5 and will remain open until the final exam date. This is the first part of the final exam. The other part will be a multiple choice test over all 10 lessons. If the student earns a profit in excess of $6,000,000 for one season, they do not have to take the multiple choice part but they are expected to attend class that day.

As a recap,Virtual Business Sports is a virtual business simulation where we create our own football franchise. We draft a team, set prices for our stadium seats, staffing both parking lots and stadium games and concerts, promote our events through media and specialty items and sponsorships, create our concession stands and study our financial statements to make sure we achieve a $6,000,000 profit for a season!

All lessons should be completed no later than Monday, 12/7. They are open 24/7 if a student desires to finish at home.

Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance

We have some Retailing Moguls! One student has already completed the simulation and has advanced to an extra activity! Students should be finished with the lessons 1-11 no later than 12/7 (there are 11 lessons). All lessons except the Mogul have been open 24/7 since last week. We had our last summative on 12/4 over lessons 4-6 so please check to see if your student needs a retake (one class won't take it until Monday because of network issues). The Mogul opens no later than 12/7 and must be completed by the date of the final exam.

As a recap, Virtual Business Retailing, is a virtual business simulation where we create our own convenience or sporting goods store. We'll be conducting marketing research, selecting our products, setting prices, promotional activities, staffing our store, managing purchasing and inventory, merchandising our shelves, identifying security issues, and always having an eye on the bottom line by analyzing our financial statements to make sure we're achieving a profit!

Each lesson is self contained with a reading, a reading quiz (students must score minimum 70%), a math quiz, and a simulation focusing on specific objective (students must score a minimum 70%). After we complete all eleven lessons, we'll put everything together to try to earn $20,000 or more weekly profit!

The Mogul will count a part of our final exam! The second part will be a multiple choice exam over all 11 lessons. If students wish to opt out of the final exam multiple choice part, they may complete the Turnaround lesson to turn around a failing business prior to the final exam!


The 11/16-30 Website Summative posted this weekend and students may resubmit if they scored below an 80 or did not submit into the retake opportunity post. There were some excellent website that can be used if the student decides to actually start the business. Here's an example of one of the fantastic websites submitted: http://kingofthejunglelandscaping.weebly.com/

This next week will be spent preparing their slideshow presentation for the final exam and students are encouraged to correct any part of the plan they either did not complete or need to correct. If students do not complete the presentation, they may opt to take a multiple choice test on preparing a business plan.

Tutorial Schedule

T/Th 2:30-3:15

W 7:00-7:20 by appointment (Student must have a pass available in my classroom or via email prior to tutoring)

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