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Week of May 9, 2016

Highlights of Our Learning


  • Our Journeys Week 26 story selection was entitled, The Mysterious Tadpole.
  • To deepen our Reading Comprehension skills, we learned more about Story Structure ~ Characters, Setting, and Plot. The plot contains the beginning, middle, and the end of the story while also including a problem and a solution.
  • We had our very first "Snack & Chat." After reading Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, the children met in small groups to 'snack on popcorn' and 'chat about the story's structure.'


  • During Writers' Workshop, the children interviewed a classmate whom they do not usually stay with or know too well. Then, the wrote a biography about the person based on the facts they learned while interviewing their peer.
  • Once we revised and edited the biographies, the children created a 'person' to look like the classmate they interviewed. Stay tune to see the finished product during Open House this week.


  • As Mathematicians, we completed our Unit 8 Assessment and Cumulative Assessment.
  • We began working on Unit 9 learning more about fractions and dividing objects into equal groups
  • We created Fraction Sundaes by building a sundae with up to eight scoops of ice cream. Then, we noted on the sundae dish the fraction represented by the variety ice cream flavors included in our sundae. The activity left many of us craving an ice cream sundae, for sure! A preview of the activity is shown below...for a full version of all the completed Fraction Sundaes, be sure to look for them during Open House this upcoming week.


  • All week we have been closely watching and documenting the changes our painted lady caterpillars are experiencing. The caterpillars formed a "J" shape and then spun silk and went into the chrysalis stage.
  • We studied the various parts of the painted lady caterpillar and then compared their body parts to ours. Did you know the painted lady caterpillar has six eyes? Do you know that a painted lady caterpillar has a head capsule that they shed? Ask your child to learn the answers to these and many more interesting questions they learned answers to this week.
  • We visited the school garden and buried our compost and worms in the second grade planting beds. Our worms went from an inch long to 3-4 inches long...be sure to ask your child about our fun garden adventure.
  • We planted marigold seeds. Once the seeds sprout and grow into a nice size plant, we will replant them in the school garden!

Other Activities

  • Grades K-2 attended an assembly called, "The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook." The assembly was given by David Harrell who was born with one hand. He acted out a one man play of many characters telling the story of his life from birth to adult hood. The man was very motivational and his story was not only heart-warming but very enlightening. As an adult and child, we all learned the valuable lesson, as we had many times before but in a very visual and first-hand experience, the importance of treating everyone fair. We are all unique and we should value and draw upon each others differences! Ask you child about this awe-inspiring assembly! Click here to learn more about this amazing man and his life story.
  • My five year old nephew, Hunter, is visiting from Dominica (the rain forest). My daughter Emily brought him to meet our class on Friday. He will be visiting until June 6th. We will be learning about the rain forest in the upcoming weeks. Hunter shared with us some of his lifestyle. Once he returns to Dominica...we will Face-Time with him and my sister Gina to take a Virtual tour of their house and their property which contains many fruit trees, beautiful flowers, herbs, spices, and a variety of rain forest 'creatures."

Math Centers ~ Working with Fractions and Shapes Exploration

Math Craft ~ Making Fraction Sundaes

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Reading ~ "Snack & Chat"

Discussing Story Structure for LIlly's Purple Plastic Purse while snacking on Popcorn!

School Garden Visit to Place Our Compost in the Second Grade Garden Bed!

Observing Our Caterpillars in J-Shape or Chrysalis

Painted Lady Caterpillars in Chrysalis Stage

Planting Marigold Seeds

The Boy Who Was Captain Hook Assembly

"Here's the Scoop" by 2MU Reporters


By Daniel Henderson

This week in school we have been taking care of Caterpillars right now they are in a chrysalis but not far from being a butterfly. We have them in a cage right now and when they are a butterfly, I think we will let them go out in the wild.

Buddy Biography

This week in school we made Buddy Biography`s. First Mrs.Murphy put us in groups. Then we study our buddy by asking each other questions. Then we had to write the questions on a piece of paper on a rough draft. Then when we were done our rough drafts we had to write it on a good copy. Then when we were done our good copy we had to make a paper person of our buddy. Most of the person we had to color it with crayons. Then when we were coloring Mrs.Murphy gave us yarn and we had to assemble the hair on the paper person. Then when we're done assembling it Mrs.Murphy glued the hair to the paper person. It was a really fun activity.

By: Lexi

Buddy Biography

By: Abby

This week in school we started our Buddy Biographies.

First we interviewed our assigned buddies.

Then we wrote down what they said in sentences and got our spelling checked.

Next we rewrote are biography with correct spelling.

This week in school we looked at are caterpillars almost everyone's was in a chrysalis or j shape including mine and we will look at them again this week.I Hope my caterpillar is in a cocoon. They are about 2 or 1 in. We will almost look at them every day in science.



CATERPILLARS This week in school we learned about caterpillars right now they are in a chrysalis In a huge net .Let’s start from the beginning first they were about 1cm. But after they ate a lot they were about an inch or almost an inch.But in the very beginning they were in a cup but after they spin the wep they get stuck on the paper we put at the top to help them stick there to get in the chrysalis they are all in the chrysalis hanging from the top of the Nets we each have our own caterpillar.I named my caterpillar Jeffybobjoe how likes to bow too.Have you ever done any- Thinglike these be for? By:Blake MacMillan


This week in school we checked on are caterpillars and some were in a chrysalis and some were in a j shape and some were not even in a j shape but they were close to getting in one and only two people had a chrysalis and some of them ate the PAPER on the top of the cup and we'll be excited to see them again.

By: Dominic



On Wednesday we got to look at are caterpillars .Only 1 was in a chrysalis . But by the afternoon most of the class was in a chrysalis .Mine was.

I know the difference between a people and caterpillar they are we have 2 legs and caterpillars have 16 legs . People have 2 eyes and caterpillars have 6 eyes .People have 1 mouth and caterpillars have 1 month . People have 0 head capsule and caterpillars have 1 head capsule. I can't wait until we get to see are butterflies.

I had Fun learning about caterpillars and I hope you do to !!


This week in school we looked at our caterpillars. Some of them were still eating,others were in their “j” shapes and some were in their Chrysalis! some really really fat because they were not in their j shapes yet. I really hope all the butterflies will grow up really large!

By ERIK!!!

Caterpillars In Science we looked at our caterpillars. My caterpillar’s name is Katie. She is a girl. This week she is in a CHRYSALIS! In 2 weeks she will become a butterfly. Stay tuned… By: Jaxon


By Lauren

In writing we chose a person that we didn’t know very well and intervened them. For example I chose Mia. I wrote a rough draft and an adult checked it and helped me edit it. Finally I finished my buddy bio and they turned out beautiful!

Science In science we did something that I already talked about but I'm talking about it because something happened and it was awesome so remember what I said back on the other smore about butterflies well I'm talking about that. So only 2 are still eating but all the other ones are easier in a j shape or in a chrysalis and mines in a chrysalis. And soon they're going to be a butterfly By: Michael Mooney

Working On Butterflies

By: Jayden

In this week of school we colored butterflies and cut them out. They had to be symmetrical. Symmetrical means say I put blue on one side I have to do it on the other side of the paper too. Mrs.Murphy said,”if you color strong it will pop out.

Our Mystery Guest ~ Hunter ~ Visiting from the Rainforest in Dominica

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