Blue Bell Recall

-Abbi Freeman-

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The Backdrop

The company Blue Bell has recently voluntarily recalled frozen yogurt, snacks, and sherbet and ice cream. They did this because they found that their products could be infected with a bacteria named listeria (which has ten species each with two subspecies). (The bacteria got it's named from Joseph Lister.) The FDA has investigations going on at each Blue Bell facility, the main facility being in Texas. There have been ten infections total: one each from Arizona and Okalahoma, five from Kansas, and three from Texas, but some of these have occurred within the past few years. Three from Kansas have died. The production lines are currently shut down at the facilities.

The Facts

-Jeni's Ice Cream is alos recalling all of their products

-Listeria can be present in raw-milk and foods with raw-milk

-Listeria can grow in cold temps unlike other bacteria

-Symptoms in regular, healthy people are short term such as upset stomach, headaches, fever, etc.

-Blue Bell was founded in 1907 in Texas

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What's Gonna Happen

They don't know how Listeria got there, but this is their first recall in 108 years. They have a team assembled to fix the problem, and the next few batches of things they make will be tested for safety and then limitedly reissued if safe. They are going to clean the factories better along with training the employees even more. The people who sold the ice cream need to thoroughly clean the storage area where the ice cream had been kept or just anything whether it be a utensil or a person need to be washed. So until BB comes back...
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