Nuclear Fusion Press Release

Ewa Robinson

MAY 9TH 2016

How Nuclear Fusion Produces Energy

Energy is produced by fusing light atoms at extremely high pressures. This is how the Sun produces energy.
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Fusion VS Fission

Nuclear Fission is the separation of two atoms while Fusion is fusing two atoms together. FIssion does not naturally occur in nature while Fusion does. Fusion produces 3x more energy


Fusion requires a lot of energy. Few radioactive particles are caused by a fusion reaction. The fuel for it is widely available. No harmful emissions. A "meltdown" cannot occur with a Fusion reaction like a Fission chain reaction.

Economic Impact

Groups like JET and ITER have worked on Fusion technology in the West. K-STAR and EAST from the East. High energy rates. Nuclear Fusion would disrupt the energy markets with its nearly limitless energy supply. With the abundance of energy, we can focus more on technological growth as a future society.