Napoleon Sleeps Hog Heaven!!

you sleep in the Barn!!!

Reign of Pigs

Napoleon promises that all animals are equal and deserve rights, yet puts himself above all others!!! PUT AN END TO HIS LIES AND MANIPULATIONS!

Happy as a Pig in a Blanket!!

How can we trust an animal that has gone against the moral rights that the wise, and now sadly deceased, Old Major has given us!? while we slave away, doing all that we can to make Animal Farm a better place, Napoleon sits on his throne made of half eaten apples, and drinks alcohol! at night, while we lay down to sleep in the cold barn, Napoleon settles down, warm and snug in a BED!!

Project Riverbed

it is obvious by now that Napoleon must be stopped. however, we must think of a way to overthrow him without resorting to violence and sinking to his level. so we've come up with a solution

the plan is simple:

tonight, we wait until Napoleon is fast asleep in his cozy bed, unaware of the events unfolding. with the help of all the farm animals, we drag the mattress to a nearby river. we carefully move the mattress into the waters and wave Bon voyage as Napoleon drifts along the water.

Vote Snowball for leader!!

As we have seen before, Snowball was a great leader for animal farm, who, not only cared about the well-being of the animals, but also aided us in getting a windmill for the farm. under Snowball's influence, the commandments will be for the benefit of all the farm animals, and no animals will be harmed! He will start reconstruction of the Windmill, providing us with clean, sufficient energy! all animals will receive a good education, and no animal will be higher than the others! Animals will be able to sleep WHEREVER they feel comfortable, and no decision will be made without the approval of all animals!