My Summer Plans

By: Sami Dramse


I will probably watch a couple kids and my nephews during the week just to make a some money.


Hopefully my friend McKenna can go with my brother and I to Arizona to spend a couple weeks with my dad.


I am going to go to Greg's cabin on Lake Calamus. We usually go fishing and swimming during the day and night. We usually make s'mores during the night. We go out on the jet ski's. I usually get a nice sunburn from being outside all day.

Couch Potato

Ironically the section is called couch potato but I really want to stay away from this. I want to be active this summer and not sit on the couch like I could during winter. I want to get really tan and swim a lot.

Oceans of Fun

My family and a couple of our friends are going to Oceans of Fun. My mom wants us to have a family getaway and we can go there and ride rides and do what we love most, being in water.


I usually spend a LOT of time in water. Whether it's ocean, lake or an actual pool. My whole family enjoys swimming, tubing and jeeping.
US Trip - Arizona Mountains