Smore #6

By: Abby Aiken

In the beginning of the semester, my view on media literacy was that it is centered on the press and what they think about people or on the news and how they portray a story. However, it can be so much more than just that. I’ve learned so much more from this media literacy class than just stories from the press. We learned about the media and how they advertise and create different stories. We learned different vocab that dealt with aspects of creating stories and making them good, ex: satire. We read and studied classic stories like “V for Vendetta”, “1984” and “Macbeth”. I really enjoyed this aspect of the class. I love learning about the past and important stories that have shaped how our world is today. I loved comparing these stories to today's society and seeing how they relate. Other language arts classes I’ve taken focus more on the AKS and getting that material across. This class focused more on making sure you write and say what you believe and made learning what we learned fun. With each book and topic we studied, I learned a great life lesson. A lesson I will take with me throughout college and the entirety of my life. I don’t think I would change anything about this class, except to maybe show more videos instead of notes and PowerPoints. I personally learn better with videos. But besides that, this class covered about everything and then some that a LA class could do.