Guymon Technologies

An informative look into our classroom!

Coming Soon! NOW! A most informative website.

Guymon Technologies is a public link to what is current in the Guymon High School Technologies Career Tech classroom. We are one quarter the way through the school year and a lot is happening within our classroom.


A social network designed to provide teachers, students and parents a secure place they can connect and share information pertaining to all aspects of their educational experience. I have decided to use EDMODO this year to give my parents and most importantly my students 24 hour access to their lessons plans, assignments, quizzes, notes and even scheduled tests. The service is free so there is no added cost to the parents.

Another great thing about EDMODO is it is accessible through Apple, Android and Microsoft platforms. This allows me the ability to reach all of those involved regardless of their network capabilities.

Parents, I keep mentioning you because you can log-in to your student's Edmodo and see what we are doing in class and how your student is doing. Just ask your student or myself for your entry code.


My Classroom has upgraded to MS Office 2013. Books have been ordered and our curriculum will be updated soon. We are moving forward rapidly but all for the best education possible.

What's in store? Well...

Our 3D printer is here. We have printed with it and your students will begin using it NOW! If you have not heard of this technology, let me be the first to say "It is very exciting".

Additionally, we purchased three separate tablet computers for analysis and comparison to see which will best suit our needs. Your students will be conducting research and analysis on each and we will be posting our findings here, so stay connected with this website for updates. ALL THE EQUIPMENT HAS ARRIVED!

Your Teacher and website host.