Maximize your December Paycheck!

Info to make this December your best month yet!

Meet Midnight Palace, our December Capsule!

Capturing the glitz + glamour of an enchanted evening, this dazzling mini-collection deserves a special toast! Modern-meets-vintage designs, inspired by antique mirrors in an opulent royal palace, transform any look with snapshot-worth sparkle + shine. Note the gorgeous mercury glass finish-so chic and on trend, and the first time this finish has been used at Chloe+Isabel! If you haven't done so already, update your boutique using one-click swap and showcase it to your network via social media! Also, remember you have 1 week (until next Tuesday) to take advantage of the 50% shopping spree on Midnight Palace!

Our Friends + Family Sale Starts TOMORROW!

It only happens twice a year-our much loved Friends + Family Sale! Your customers will get 25% off their entire purchase using the promotion code FFHOL15 at checkout. Some merchandisers like to advertise the sale and let everyone know about the promotion code right away. Other merchandisers like to make it more exclusive, by asking people to comment if they'd like a special discount code for 25% off. How you promote is up to you-remember this is YOUR business! :) F&F runs through December 15th!
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Your secret weapon: selling to the men this holiday season!

Most men by nature do not like to shop, and wait until the last minute to purchase for their significant other. BE THEIR SOLUTION! Reach out to your guy friends + family and let them know that you will be their personal shopper at no additional cost! Send a text or private message, or better yet call them!

"Hi (insert name), how have you been? I know everyone is gearing up for the holidays and our to-do lists keep growing. I would love to take something off your plate by offering my personal shopping services to you! I'm not sure if you have seen my social media posts, but I am a merchandiser with an amazing jewelry brand out of NYC called Chloe+Isabel. If you give me your price point and tell me a little bit about her style, I will select several personalized options to choose from! I can even take care of the gift wrapping. I promise she will be extremely happy on Christmas morning!"

Make it easy for them! If you give them A, B, C options and they pick much easier could that be for them? Let them know they have items gift boxed in branded packaging for $5.95 per item and shipped to them from Chloe+Isabel, or you can offer to have items shipped to you and wrap the items for them as a complimentary service!

Another option is to offer a guys shopping event! Invite all the guys in your network to come see all the jewels and select something in person!

Lastly guys love to save money. Make sure you let them know you can give them 25% off their entire order, get them free shipping at $100+ and a free gift with purchase at $125+.

I want to hear you on our team page! Post #mandown when you get a guy sale!!!

Get your December pop ups booked THIS WEEK!

Because the shipping cutoff is mid-month, your goal is to get the bulk of your December sales in the first half of the month. That means you have got to get your pop-ups booked in the next few days in order to have them by the 15th. Also remember that we have an EARLY PAYDAY this month, for all sales through December 15th! What a great gift to have spending Monday for the holidays right before Christmas!

Key points:

*Reach out to potential hostesses and let them know that with the F&F sale, they are likely to have a lot of sales at their pop-up=more FREE jewelry for them!

*Show potential hostesses the graphic of our 1k December incentive necklace-it's gorg!

*Let potential hostesses know about our new Midnight Palace collection-customers are going crazy for it and it might entice them to book a pop-up! "Did you see the new Midnight Palace collection? I'd love for you to get your favorite pieces for free by booking a pop-up with me this month!"

*Make sure you are giving hostesses lots of potential pop-up themes. Let them know it doesn't have to be anything formal, emphasize it being fun + easy! Here are some ideas: Cookie Decorating, Cookie Exchange, Ornament Exchange, Girls Night In (comfy clothes + wine + shopping!)

I know it takes getting out of your comfort zone, but it is so worth it! Make a list of 5 people you think might potentially be interested and reach out to them TODAY. The worst thing they can say is NO and if you don't ask the answer is always NO!

In person events are best for holiday shoppers, but don't forget those online pop-ups! People will be wanting to wrap up their shopping, so offer them an easy solution with your online boutique! Find a hostess and make the goal of the online pop-up to help them select gifts! Remember you are not only selling jewelry, your goal is to make their shopping experience easy and enjoyable!