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Polish National Anthem

Poland Culture

Poland celebrations

They have festivals all throughout the year. There is the Drowning of Marzanna where the winter goddess was drowned in a river to Juwenalia and Wiankai festivals. They celebrate common U.S celebrations New years on January 1 and Easter in spring. Poland also celebrates a favorite here......Christmas!!! My favorite is All Saints Day where the decorate cemeteries with thousands of lit lanterns and lights.

Poland foods

Poland has a variety of foods. They make most of their dishes from cabbage,potatoes,beets, and meat lots of meat. A common meal is polish sausage(kiebosa)

and pioerogi. Pierogi is like ravioli but it has many kinds of fillings. They have spinach, jelly, bacon and much more.

Poland religion and language and dress

The majority of the people in Poland practice is Roman catholic since 2002. The Polish people speak Polish which is the official language . Who knew Poland`s language would be Polish. The girls would wear a dress with red decorations and men would wear brown robes that came with a hood. Today they dress much like us and wear traditional clothing during festivals. Many live in the countryside.

The Poland Memorial

On January 26, 2015 a memorial was held in Poland for the Holocaust . Millions of people died in World War 2 at the concentration camps . Auschwitz Birkeanu was liberated then destroyed . Today it is a museum and a memorial. The memorial is there to honor those who where at the camps and never left. The survivors will lay wreaths and candles at the camp for those people who didn`t live to see tomorrow after the war. It has been 70 years since the Holocaust and the memorial proves it. It proves that history did happen.
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Poland Government

The Polish government is much like ours. they have a president as head leader.They are a republic. They became a republic in 1999 after World War 2 . They have a market economy but the government runs some of the businesses and companies . The next election is October 2015 . the national symbol is the white eagle and their flag has half red and half white with the white eagle in center. We don`t know the future of Poland but at least there`re government is strong and ready to move on to bigger challenges.
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Polish Landmarks

Warsaw, Poland

Poland`s Christmas Traditions

Poland Santa

Poland has Christmas and they enjoy waking up with small gifts in their stockings . Just like us they have a Santa but he come on December 6. Their Santa is called Mikolaj and he comes while the Poles are in the catholic church. In the morning small little treats are given to the children.

Poland Christmas

Poland celebrates Christmas but they celebrate for another reason. They don`t celebrate for Jesus death on the cross,they celebrate for the story of animals talking of forgiveness to those who offended them throughout the year . The cool thing about it is that not any one would think that happened. Who knows maybe stuff animals pty in you room while your at school learning whatever.

Poland Economy

Poland has a free market economy but the government owns some businesses around the country. The country has a large population of 38.5 million people. Poland is part of the European Union and NATO. The water and air is massively polluted. Mining is an important industry in Poland (especially coal mining). 25% work on farms dotted all over Poland. Time to sit back and watch Poland`s economy grow ,with these economic challenges what will the citizens decide? Will they rebel against the economy due to the horrible conditions? Maybe we will see what happens in our lifetime.