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Parents Center

Hello parents welcome to the wonderfull world of learning . In this world we are about the learning process of all our students here at Lantern Lane.

Science Week At A Glance

Science Vocabulary of the week deals with the ecosystem and its surroundings. Several terms are associated with this module.,Such as the environment , population, community, habitat, and the food chain.Happy campers will identify key words and write sentences to verify understanding of meaning.






food chain

What is an Ecosystem?

Math Circle

Math Facts

This week we will seek knowledge in the vocabulary world of Mathematics.

Time and temperature will be discussed.

1.Temperature - Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit will be discussed along with an outdoor lab.

Time- Time telling contests will be held. Counting numbers in the math circle and numerical games will be shared. Mathematics will be practiced and we will be focused on he basics of one and two digit measurements in centimeters and inches.

Temperature Experiment

Tuesday, April 8th, 2:30pm

School Campus, Houston,Texas

Students will place thermometers in glass jars others with ice and others with room temperature water then the students will record readings of their findings.

Physical Fitness

Physical Education is an important part of the overall well-being of the student.We will do various exercises on our activity breaks in the morning before the tardy bell rings.

Self Responsibility, Self Control, involvement in the classroom environment.

Students will learn about safety issues dealing with equipment and the proper way to perform activities on their individual lessons. Rules of specific games will be discussed in detail for understanding.

Management And Discipline in an Activity Setting

We will create a personal behavior plan. This plan will pinpoint the key elements of how to behave in an Physical Education Environment.

English/Language Arts

Writing Wednesday Every Wednesday'

Word Blitz focusing on conjunctions.

Spelling Bee Finals.

We will be discussing noun and verbs throughout the coming weeks. Activities would be focused on the structures of speech and language. Spelling will be practiced throughout the coming weeks ending with the spelling bee and the champions will be recognized for their hard work.