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Shout Outs!!

  • Thank you to my amazing team! It is so much fun coming to work with ladies that inspire me to do more and be better! Merry Christmas! --Jessica Hovland

  • Thank you to Renee and Alison for giving first grade an extra specials time. What a blessing this time of year!---Jessica Hovland

  • Shout Out to the Office Staff for all of the 12 Days of Christmas goodies! Each day it’s something fun and festive. What a way to make us feel appreciated!--- Gailanne

  • Shout Out to Sunshine for the stocking stuffers! Love Lakeview at Christmas time!---Gailanne

  • Shout out to Jessica Hovland for making the arrangements for Painting With A Twist and to Mark for all of the delicious appetizers!

  • Shout out to Kimberly Blake for letting me back in my room on Sunday when I locked myself out.—Jennie Kibbel

  • Shout out to Gailanne for Battle of the Books!!!

  • My secret Santa is amazing. You have made me feel special for the last three weeks. Thank you for the surprises and great notes.—Jennie Kibbel

  • Shout out to my teammates - you are amazing and I love coming to work every day and being a part of this group! When I count my blessings you are right there. We are all so lucky to have Sharon, Inga, and Donna to help us too! Gail Vopelak

  • Thank you so much to the 2nd Grade Team for helping me while I was away. Their cards, and sweet texts meant the world to me. I also appreciate Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Mauk, Mrs. Wojno, and Mrs. Jones for their hard work with the choir! An Extra- Special shout out to my children’s teachers Mrs. Huddleston, Mrs. Bingham, and Mrs. Scott for being so sweet to my girls during our time of grieving. A special shout out to Mrs. Seltzer, for giving me a pat on the shoulder one day when I really needed it. I love all you people! You all mean so much to me. I know we all need a break and time to spend with our loved ones, but I will miss you all! I pray that you all have safe travels and many blessings this holiday season. - Love, Kimberly Blake

  • Thank you so much Mark and Renee for covering Specials on Friday while Alison and I were gone on the Choir Tour. You are the best!-- Patty

  • Thank you also to Kim Mauk, Courtney, Alison and Heidi for helping with the Choir Tour and the rest of the 4th and 5th grade team members for dealing with the different classes, etc. that day. The kids had a great time and were so fabulous! They really represented Lakeview well and also learned so much in the process – especially at the nursing homes. Thanks to you all and Mary too, for your support and allowing the kids to experience so much! I know they made some wonderful memories!—Patty

  • A BIG thank you to Mr. Fisher for all of the wonderful Eric Carle art work you did with our kindergarten students. Our SBBBs look beautiful and the kiddos LOVED the art work they completed!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Kerstin

  • Thank you so much to the office staff for spoiling us rotten. We love and appreciate you!! -- Erika

  • Thank you to my Secret Santa. You are fabulous and the gifts were perfection. – Erika

  • A Special Shout Out to Cindy Wisdom for washing the mason jars, making the chex mix, getting all of the 12 Days of Christmas surprises prepped and ready!!! We appreciate you so much!! We would be lost without you!!- Mary and Penny

Professional Learning

The Best of Twitter this Week

I included several articles and links this week, so that when you need a "break" you can escape and read during the Holiday Break!
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing you safe travels and a Blessed Holiday. Enjoy your time with family and friends. It is the most wonderful time of year! Relax and refresh, for the New Year brings new beginnings!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!