Electronic (Dance) Music

How are each tracks categorized under the umbrella of EDM?

Who Am I ?

My name is Gabriel Estrada, I listen to Electronic Music, and just the potential and form of art amuses me, I enjoy listening to music that is well composed that is not generic garbage. I listen to all different genres and sub-genres in Electronic Music such as Vapor-Wave, Sub Genre Future Funk, Future Bass, Chill House, Drum and Bass, Experimental, Future House, Nu-Disco, Kawaii-EDM and countless other genres. I find it disturbing when someone who knows how to compose music creates a worthless track. I very much like music that does not constrain itself to a certain EDM genre. I also watch anime and read manga but at moments I find it difficult to find good content.

Essential Question

What I want to know about my question is how are tracks that are produced, categorized in genres from Electronic music. I've come to realize that electronic music has more than one genre and even sub-genres within genres and it's very easy to confuse each genre, it's happened to me when I first dived into the paradise. I've come across lots of genre through out the years and I've learned how to "decipher" each one.

Stuff to Know About Electronic (Dance) Music

Electronic Dance Music is created using a synthesizers and/or a program such as F.L Studio or Ableton Live but other programs can also be used. Programs such as the ones listed above do not have to be used to create tracks but is recommended. Electronics instruments to create the music were introduced back in the 1920's and 30's but the music was not introduced until the 1940's and 50's. I hope to gain a lot more knowledge than I do know about this specific category of music such as learning how the programs are specifically used and how music theory ties in. I hope that those reading will gain knowledge of this genre of music so that next time you won't say something offensive or ignorant about electronica.

Further Explanation and Things Note About

The music examples I put on this page are mostly from the ending of 2014 through the beginning of January 2015, the reason so is because what I have begun to notice is that around the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 , well composed music started to fade away and I wanted any of those viewing this page to know that it's rare to find well composed EDM. Now, in order to listen to the music, please use Hi-fi headphones (Do NOT use Beats by Dre, these are not "real" headphones, just overly bass boosted headphones) , don't use any external speakers of any kind, using headphones deliver a much better experience (DO NOT use open-back headphones, use closed-back headphones), also please put yourself in a peaceful state of mind, be at ease and open your mind and heart when listening or you won't be able to understand the music at all, it'll simply sound like a noisy gong or clanging cymbal. Use your imagination to experience it in an unexplainable way.

Genres in Electronic (Dance) Music

*BPM: Beats per minute
*Characterization of each genre
*Most Known
-Drum and bass (DnB): 150-180 BPM, fast BreakBeats, heavy basslines, and sub-bass lines, and sampled sample sources.
- Future-Bass: *60-100 BPM, hard bassline, and sampled sources. *Much is unknown of this genre and varies through out the years.
-Electro: 125-135 BPM, form of House music, prominent bass-line and/or kick drum, heavy electronic sounds, usually without vocals.
-Deep-House: 120-125 BPM, fewer vocals, acoustic feeling,, very relaxing and ambient, smooth and stylish.
-Future-House (Derived from Deep-House): *124-125 BPM, muted melody with metallic, elastic sounding drop and modulated frequency modulated bass-line.
-Dubstep: 130-145 BPM, syncopate drum and percussion patterns with bass lines, prominent sub bass frequencies.
-Trance: 125-150 BPM, melodic, more-or-less derived from a combination of techno and house.

Electronic Music Genres Examples

NOTICE: Please Wear Hi-Fi Headphones; wearing other headphones will not accurately reproduce the sound.

  • Deep-House: Alex Schulz-Ways
  • Chill-House: Diviners ft. Contacreast- Tropic Love
  • Future-Bass: Restless Modern-Maybe We Could/ Hundaes-If Only
  • Bass&Beats: Mace-Touch Me
  • Nu-Disco: Animus Volt-Come Around
Alex Schulz - Ways (Original Mix)

Alex Schulz - Ways

Displays how Deep-House is a very chill genre.
Diviners feat. Contacreast - Tropic Love [NCS Release]

Diviners Ft. Contracreast - Tropical Love

This track shows how even electronica can have tropical taste.
Restless Modern - Maybe We Could

Restless Modern - Maybe We Could

This one is hard to explain. Imagine yourself in the river of life as it flows through you. Each sound creates an image of an indescribable godly paradise.
Hundaes - If Only

Hundaes - If Only

This track displays how emotion can be shown through music as well as how each sound can make a difference in the track; In this case, a blast of joy in paradise.
Mace - Touch Me

Mace - Touch Me

"Touch Me" shows how music theory has no limits as well as how it can be twisted and turned.
[ Nu Disco ] Animus Volt - Come Around

Animus Volt - Come Around

This track shows how even a certain genre can vary in sound.

Future Funk/Vaporwave Sub-genre (Playlist)

Future-Funk is characterized as having heavy use of samples, primarily of 70's and 80's funk and disco. The tempo varies through out each track as well as the sounds and instruments and can be described as sounding very retro. Vocals are usually Japanese and English and . Very few channels can be found on YouTube for this genre as well as for Vaporwave.

Future Steps

Next time I try to do another research like so, I will be more open minded because simply researching doesn't always help. You have to think about how you will need to do your research. For example, experience could be help your research. I might need to research on where each genre derived from.


I've learned that categorizing each track for Electronic Music can be a bit difficult. In order to categorize the track, you've got to know the BPM of the track and what requirements it will follow for a certain genre. It was hard trying to find articles on how to categorize the genres but I managed to find how each genre is categorized. I believe that doing the research was beneficial because it taught me more about EDM.

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