AE Staff Newsletter

September 28, 2015



The purpose of this newsletter is to provide everyone with information and updates related to our AE family and activities.

The information included in this newsletter includes professional learning updates, committee updates, PTO information and all else.

I will share both a hard copy (in your mailbox) as well as an electronic copy.

I look forward to taking advantage of our face-to-face time together by focusing on professional learning and dialogue. Therefore, I will be using this newsletter format to communicate informational items that we will not take the time to talk about during staff/PLC meetings.

Here are questions I am thinking about this week:

-Why do we do what we do?

-What do we value here?

-How do we know (what we value)?

As you know, my focus for this year is on building relationships. Should you have any feedback/suggestions on this newsletter, please let me know.



Our Story

Everyone has a story and everyone's story deserves to be told and heard. You all have a story to tell. Our children have stories to tell. It is our responsibility to provide safe spaces, welcoming environments, and supportive cultures so that every story can be shared, heard, and valued.

As you think about the title of your story for this year, what feelings do you have? Why did you choose that title? Why is it important to you? How will you document your story and the stories of our children?

Everybody is somebody here. Everyone is a hero. Thank you for believing in the good within every person and focusing on the celebration of the growth of the individual.

Think about the messages we send every day.

Thank you for inspiring me and inspiring our children and families!

Expectations & Values

  • Andersonville is a community that ensures everyone is safe, loved, challenged academically and supported emotionally, socially, and behaviorally.
  • We respect every member of our community and work collaboratively to listen, question, reflect, celebrate and grow.

  • “Where Everybody is Somebody"
  • Everyone is an individual. Everyone is unique. Everyone has strengths. Everyone matters to the learning environment. Everyone has a story. Every team has a story. Every family has a story.

Fun Run 2015

Wow! The Fun Run was amazing! Thank you all for making this event such a special memory for all of our children.

I am (of course) working on a Fun Run Video that I will share at a school meeting and post on our website. Should you have photos that you would like included, please email them to me!

Other PTO Info

Mel's Grill fundraiser is Monday, October 5th from 5:00-8:00 pm. Please sign up for an hour block in the lounge.

Mini grant applications are due November 5th. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to brainstorm some ideas.


As we continue to improve the ways in which we communicate and provide feedback with children and families, I encourage you to be creative, take risks, and experiment with new/different ways to document learning and growth.

It is critical that students are involved in the feedback, documentation, and goal-setting process. Please use your PLC time to brainstorm, share ideas, discuss student learning/work, and ask questions.

We will continue to learn and grow, as a staff, in this area. Communicate with me often, ask questions, and invite me into your conversations.

We still need an upper el and lower el rep for Synergy. There will be a meeting for Synergy reps next week after school. If you are at all interested please let me know. Thanks ;)

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Whole Child

Our Whole Child Committee is excited to continue with our growth and learning phase. We look forward to using some time during this week's delayed start to kick off our book study. Any new staff that still need a copy of the book, please see me as soon as possible.

In addition to the book study, we will explore site visits as well as engage in other professional learning/dialogue.

The purpose of our Whole Child work is to improve the social/emotional supports and systems to support our students and staff. These supports will be divided into proactive systems/programs to enhance overall building climates/culture and reactive supports to assist students who are at-risk or directly in crisis.

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Lab Re-Design

Our Lab Re-Design Committee is exploring the opportunities for re-imagining our lab space. We will be visiting other sites in the district that have already re-designed their lab spaces.

We will also be including parents and students on our committee and will collect feedback from across the building on needs and ideas for our lab space.

The purpose of re-designing our lab is to develop a space that can be used for creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The multi-purpose area will allow for horizontal and vertical work as well as serve as an add-on to the the classroom environment that will provide physical opportunities for making thinking visible and working in a collaborative and creative manner.


Words Their Way professional learning is under way. Running Records professional learning is scheduled for October 26th.

Please share with me any thoughts/concerns so that I am able to support you and your students.

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Thank you for your engagement during our first day of math professional learning with Carrie last week.

District provided professional learning for math begins on October 12th.

Our building-specific coaching time with Carrie continues during the last week of October.

I have 'Principles to Action' books for all new staff. Please see me if you need a copy.

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We have a lot of science 'stuff' in lots of places. I have emailed Heather to see if she can help us sort through what we have and determine what we still need vs. what we can recycle.

I plan to invite her out one afternoon next week. I will be asking lower el to meet with her first to go over what we have in storage and what can be removed, etc.

I'm hoping this will not only help us clean out but will also help me determine what we have and what we need!

Count Day

Count Day is Wednesday, October 7th. Stacey will be sharing more information on this very soon.


Our first fire drill went very well. Thank you for remembering your emergency signs, closing your classroom doors, and proceeding efficiently to your designated area.

Our next fire drill will be on Thursday at 2:00.

We also have a lock down drill scheduled for October 7th at 1:45.

Please see me if you have any questions/concerns.


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