"Paw Prints"

Farley Elementary School's Weekly Family Update


Dear Farley Families,

This week is overflowing with so many thank yous! First, thank you to all of the families who came to Open House last night. We had an incredible turnout. The line to get into the building went all the way to the street. Caregivers joked that it looked like there was a "Black Friday" sale going on at Farley. What a great way to kick-off the year. In addition, thank you to the interpreters who also attended and to Sandra Maiuri, the district's Spanish Families Liaison, for organizing them.

A huge shout-out to our Home and School Board and 20 caregivers who joined (in-person and virtually) our first Home and School Meeting. Attending two night events in one week is no small feat. I would also like to thank Lori Belcourt and Lisette Zinner for being our staff representatives this year!

Other thanks goes to Dan Gale, Head of Finance for HPS, for helping us with the Dual Language Bus. As part of Mr. Gale's job he is in charge of working with the bus company to get buses organized and running smoothly. Thank you to the caregivers who have given us concrete feedback about the duration of the bus ride. Mr. Gale is working with the bus company to figure out a solution. He hopes to have an answer within two weeks.

In addition, I have quite a few community members-at-large to thank this week. First, thank you to the residents of the WestRidge Condominium Community in Hudson for continuing to support our Farley Snack Pantry. Years ago, Mrs. Mielke and I created an in-house snack pantry for students and families in need. If a child forgets their snack or a family is struggling to provide one, we have them on hand to distribute. WestRidge residents make this possible by donating oodles of snacks twice a year! They stock our shelves with a variety of delicious prepackaged treats. Our partnership with this community is strong and each year we are beyond grateful for their help. The picture below shows only a portion of what was donated. How lucky are we?

Similarly, I would like to thank Ed and Christine Hannan, Erik Meredith, and Steve Smith for helping me get some of our Farley students signed up for fall soccer! Your help in navigating the registering, uniform ordering, etc. is much appreciated. Lynne Millson and Jess Corbosiero, who are both Farley parents, were also instrumental in making this happen. It truly takes a village. I can't wait to go watch some of the students' games!

Lastly, next Wednesday, September 21st, is a half-day of school and our Farley Fun Run. Extra thanks to Tara Sagor and her team of volunteers for organizing this enormous fundraiser. The schedule below is when each grade level is running their laps. Caregivers can come watch and cheer. Students run inside the baseball field. We ask that spectators line the outside of the fence to watch. We hope to see you there!

8:50-9:20am-Grade K

9:25-9:55am-Grade 1

10:00-10:30am-PreK and Grade 2

10:35-11:00am-Grade 4

11:00-11:30am-Grade 3

Read Always,
Rachel Scanlon (She, Her, Hers)

Farley Principal

Big picture


September 21st:

  • Half-day for Students and Choose Love Presentation for Caregivers @ 7:00 at the High School.
  • Farley Fun Run!



Throughout the year, we here at Farley like to celebrate our staff members whenever we get the chance. At the start of the year, new staff will be introduced and highlighted in each new Paw Prints. Once all new staff has been welcomed, we will use this "spotlight" to highlight other amazing things our staff is doing or has accomplished.

Breanda Curtin

Mrs. Curtin was actually new to Farley last year, but never made it into the Paw Prints! Born and raised in Lawrence, MA, Mrs. Curtin got her BA from Brandeis University and her M. Ed from Boston College. After college, she returned to her hometown and taught there for 3 years as an ESL teacher in a “self-contained” 4th and 6th grade classroom. After getting married, she moved to Nashua, NH, where she taught for 17 years in many positions ranging from 4th 5th and 6th grade Science and English classroom teacher to Gifted Ed Specialist, and lastly ESL teacher. She still lives in the same house she bought with her husband, Donnie, who is a drummer. She also has two children: her son Jack, and daughter Sadie. She has two Portuguese Water Dogs named Diego and Maggie. And she LOOOOOVES to garden!



As shared my past Paw Prints, Farley's School Improvement Council was looking for two caregivers to be part of our team. Interested caregivers were to submit their names and bios to be placed on a ballot to be sent out for families to vote. Since we had just two caregivers volunteer, no vote is necessary. Please meet our two Farley Caregiver Council Members! Thank you Ana and Erica!

Here is what each member wanted me to share:

Erica Ankstitus: "I am very committed to Farley as both of my children were in the integrated pre K program in the district for 2 years. Now, they are both in the dual language program as a kindergartner and first grader. I can be the voice for a newly formed dual language program. I continue to be an active participant on Farley Home and School Association and work hard to recruit new members to the committee. I am consistently volunteering for event within the school and classrooms. I listen to the school committee meetings to stay in the know and offer ideas/solutions. I am not afraid to speak up when something needs attention."

Ana Pimentel: Ana Pimentel is a mother of a grade 1 Dual Language Student. In addition, Ana works as the HPS' Director of Students who Speak Languages other than English. She is a former teacher and has been with HPS for over ten years.



Ms. Schopp and some of her Grade 4 students ventured around the school to take pictures of the different locations that new students would need to know when arriving at Farley. Together, they made a list of the important spots and went around snapping photos. They plan to make a "visual map" that all students who are new to Farley can use. I can't wait to see the finished product!



We have raised over $17,000 so far and we still have a few days left to donate! Today during lunches, students visited Zion National Park and learned about "perseverance". Thank you so much to our families who have registered and shared their donation pages to get us to this point! As we head into the weekend, we have a BONUS PRIZE OPPORTUNITY for all students. It’s for this weekend only, so time is limited to earn this extra reward.

Click here to log into MYBOOSTER.COM to learn more about this prize and to share your donation page!

⭐️ Log into MYBOOSTER.COM today to get started! ⭐️ if you haven't already registered.

Check out this 30 second video about our upcoming event >> Click for Fun!

Thank you for supporting our school - see you on the 21st!--Tara Sagor and the Fun Run Team

Here is the schedule for when each grade will be running!

8:50-9:20am-Grade K

9:25-9:55am-Grade 1

10:00-10:30am-PreK and Grade 2

10:35-11:00am-Grade 4

11:00-11:30am-Grade 3


After much thought and discussion with families, I (Mrs. Scanlon) am not going to have my own Facebook Page. The only Facebook Page that will share school information will be the Home and School Facebook page. Here is the link to Farley's Home and School Facebook page. Make sure to check it out for regular updates!




As you know, we are very lucky that Massachusetts has made breakfast and lunch free for all students. Classrooms teachers are noticing that some students are eating breakfast at school and then telling them that they ate breakfast home too. Other students are bringing a lunch from home, eating it and then eating a free school lunch. While we always want our students to have a full stomach, we don't want students getting tummy-aches from eating too much. If you want your child to consistently eat lunch and breakfast at school, feel free to reach out to their teacher. Classroom teachers may also be reaching out to learn more about your child's eating preferences. Thanks!


Many caregivers have sent us feedback on how Student Car Pick-Up and Drop-Off has been going. Here are just a few reminders to keep in mind so that we can ensure that pick-up and drop-off is super speedy and safe at the same time.

  • If you are an early bird and get into line in the morning first, make sure to pull up all the way to last sign.
  • Try not to leave any space between your car and other cars--always look for the person on duty as they may be waving you on to move up.
  • Try to avoid getting out of your car if possible. Saying your goodbyes in the car is just as good.
  • Pleas do NOT park near the playground and walk your students in to school. If you are using your car for transportation, please join the car line.
  • Please be kind to each other and our staff on duty. We are all in this together and trying out best!

A Message from the Superintendent's Office

Courage+Gratitude+Forgiveness+Compassion in Action=Choose Love

Save the Date:

September 21, 2022- Come learn about the social emotional learning curriculum Hudson Public Schools is implementing this school year. The program is called Choose Love and will be taught in preschool through grade 12. Attend the in-person Choose Love Kickoff-Keynote for Parents by Scarlett Lewis, founder of the Choose Love Movement. Scarlett Lewis will present at the Hudson High School auditorium from 7:00-8:30 in the evening. Parents will learn the researched benefits of the four character values of the Choose Love Formula and understand how vital they are to implement in our daily lives. The four units of Choose Love are Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion in Action =Chose Love. Scarlet Lewis founded Choose Love after the death of her son, Jesse Lewis, in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Scarlet Lewis turned the pain of her loss into developing a social emotional program that provides strategies and tools to students. Choose Love helps children manage their emotions, feel connected, and have healthy, meaningful relationships.

See Fliers for more information:





Just a reminder...here are the emails for our amazing School Nurses!

Tina Hill, tmhill@hudson.k12.ma.us
Carla Wright, cjwright@hudson.k12.ma.us

FARLEY AWARDED $3,000 from McGovern Subaru!

For new families to Farley, special thanks goes to McGovern Subaru in Acton for selecting Farley as the recipient of their $3,000 educational donation! Subaru has teamed up with Adopt-A-Classroom.org to grant schools across the United States with funds to use next year. Six teachers have volunteered to be in charge of the $3,000 and to help figure out what our staff needs. We feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen. Thank you McGovern Subaru!